The St. John seventh grade boys track  team came within four points of winning St. John's Junior High Invitational on Tuesday

The St. John seventh grade boys track team came within four points of winning St. John's Junior High Invitational on Tuesday with 106 points followed by Macksville's third place finish with 84. Macksville's eight grade boys placed fourth in the eight grade division.

On the girls side, both of Macksville's girls teams placed third, the seventh gathering in 83.50 points, and the eighth girls getting 80 points in their division. St. John's eight grade took fourth place with 53 points while Stafford's seventh graders took fourth with 51 points.

One of the highlights of the meet was Macksville's Kolton Pavlu smashing the Meet's record for the 8th grade boys discus throw, his last toss going 144-06.50 feet, seven feet farther than the old record. His throw also broke Macksville's 8th grade school record, breaking Evan Loomis's old record by almost four feet. Three events for Larned also broke Meet records, the first in the 8th girls Shot Put (36-01.75), the second in the 8th boys 4x200 Relay (1:45.71) and the third, the 8th boys Medley Relay (1:51.64).

Other highlights were St. John's 7th grade boys dominating the triple jump, with Jorge Calleros placing first, Macksville's Bryce Casper getting a first in the 7th 75 Meter Hurdles, Nick Lucas first in the 7th 1600 Meter Run, St. John's Sammy Ramirez a first in the 7th 200 Meter Dash and the 7th 400 Meter Dash, St. John's 7th 4x100 Relay a first and Macksville's 7th 800 Sprint Relay a first, Stafford's Preston Cenitia first in the 7th 800 Meter Run and Mikey Agular's first in the 8th 400 Meter Dash.

Highlights for the girls were Stafford's Erika Reynold's first in the 7th High Jump, Macksville's Kaite Blevins a first in the 8th High Jump, Haley Haberman a first in the 7th Discus Throw, Katrina Waters a first in the 7th Shot Put Throw, Margaret Penner first in the 8th 3200 Meter Run, Gilda Lopez first in the 8th 800 Meter Run, 7th 800 Sprint Medley and 8th Sprint Medley both getting a first, St. John's Anne Kenworthy a first in the 8th Triple Jump and the 7th 4x100 Relay getting a first place.

Girls Team Scores: 7th grade – South Central 132, Larned, 84.50, Macksville 83.50, Stafford 51, St. John 46, Medicine Lodge 24 and South Central gre 2 points. 8th grade – Larned 129, South Central 119, Macksville 80, St. John 53, Medicine Lodge 50, Stafford 1, South Central gre 1.

Boys Team Scores: 7th grade – Larned 110, St. John 106, Macksville 84, Medicine Lodge 51, South Central 45 and Stafford 34. 8th grade – South Central 169.50, Larned 117.50, Medicine Lodge 67, Macksville 30, Stafford 24, South Central gre 21 and St. John 20.

Team Results

7th grade girls: High Jump - 1st Erika Reynolds STAF 4-06.00, 3rd Taylor Gillespie MACK 4-02.00, 4th Baley Doggett STJO 4.00.00. 6th Cass Woolf MACK J3-10.00. Long Jump - 5th Olivia Vosburgh MACK 11-06.00. Triple Jump - 4th Mirnda Garner STJO 24-07.25. Discus Throw – 1st Haley Haberman MACK 56-02.50, 4th Logan Shultz STAF 48-02, 5th Katrina Waters MACK 45-10.50, 6th Perla Ibarra MACK 45-10. Shot Put – 1st Katrina Waters MACK 28-00.75, 3rd Haley Haberman MACK 23-08.50, 5th Deisy Carillo MACK 22-10.50. 75 Meter Hurdles - 2nd Katrena Brown STJO 14.61, Bailey Burns STJO 14.80. 100 Meter Dash - 3rd Olivia Vosburgh MACK 14.50, 4th Logan Shultz STAF 14.90. 1600 Meter Run - 2nd Emma Stimatze MACK 6:14.21, 6th Taylor Gillespie MACK 6:34.96. 4x100 Meter Relay - 1st St. John-Hudson 1:00.74, 4th Macksville 1:06.58. 400 Meter Dash - 2nd Morgan Sallabedra STAF 1:11.55, 3rd Erika Reynolds STAF 1:12.68, 5th Katrena Brown STJO 1:17.50. 4x200 Meter Relay - 2nd Stafford 2:15.84. 200 Meter Dash - 3rd Olivia Vosburgh MACK 30:49, 4th Bailey Burns STJO 30.71. 800 Sprint Medley - 1st Macksville 2:17.02, 2nd St. John 2:22.08.800 Meter Run - 2nd Emma Stimatze MACK 2:50.74, 3rd Erika Reynolds STAF 2:58.50, 4th Morgan Sallabedra STAF 3:02.08.

8th grade girls: High Jump - 1st Kaute Blevins MACK 4-02.00. 1st Anne Kenworthy STJO 26-09.00, 5th Margaret Penner MACK 24-01.50. Discus Throw - 4th Bella Haskins STJO 58-00, 6th Josie Zink STAF 56-10.50. 75 Meter Hurdles - 3rd Gilda Lopez MACK 14l.71, 4th Anne Kenworthy STJO 15:36.100 Meter Dash - 6th Christy Garcia STJO 15:27. 1600 Meter Run - 3rd Brandi Hanson STJO 7:08.42, 4th Margaret Penner MACK 7:20.77, BreAnn Anshutz MACK 11:01.00. 4x100 Meter Relay - 3rd Macksville 1:06.68, 4th St. John-Hudson 1:07.02. 400 Meter Dash - 2nd Anne Kenworthy STJO 1:10.74, 3rd Kaite Blevins MACK 1:19.20. 4x200 Meter Relay - 3rd Macksville 2:35.43. 3200 Meter Run – 1stt Margaret Penner MACK 14:20.99, 2nd Brennyn Woolf MACK 17:25.75. 800 Sprint Medley - 1st Macksville 2:17.02, 2nd St. John-Hudson 2:22.08. 800 Meter Run - 1st Gilda MACK 2:48.48, 3rd Brandi Hanson STJO 3:07.14, 5th Audrey Mercer STJO 3:10.77.

7th grade boys: High Jump - 2nd Jorge Calleros STJO 4-06.00. Long Jump - 2nd Nick Lucas MACK 14-02.50, 5th Paul Maxon STJO 12-10.25. Triple Jump - 1st Jorge Calleros STJO 28-10.50, 2nd Sammy Ramirez STJO 28-05.50, Cole Kinnamon STJO 27-03.00. Discus Throw - 2nd Taylor Rodriguez MACK 71-08.50, 6th Patrick Doran STJO 60-07. Shot Put - 3rd Taylor Rodriguez MACK 25-11.00, 5th Greyson Collins STJO 25-02.50. 75 Meter Hurdles - Bryce Casper MACK 13:96, 5th Brendan McCandless STJO 15.64. 100 Meter Dash - 4th Josh East MACK 13:58, 5th Paul Maxon STJO 13:68. 1600 Meter Run - Nick Lucas MACK 5:40.49, 3rd Ryan Woodward STJO 5:56.27, 6th Austin Davis STAF 6:05.11. 4x100 Meter Relay - 1st St. John-Hudson 52:90, 3rd Macksville 54:45, 5th Stafford 1:10.58. 400 Meter Dash - 1st Sammy Ramirez STJO 1:00.84, 2nd Jarrod Kuckelman MACK 1:04.81, 5th Bryce Casper MACK 1:10.96, Patrick Doran STJO 1:11.05. 4x200 Meter Relay - 2nd Stafford 2:08.05, 3rd St. John-Hudson 2:11.59. 200 Meter Dash - Sammy Ramirez STJO 27.49, 3rd Jorge Calleros STJO 28.33, 4th Jarrod Kuckelman MACK 28.99, 5th Preston Ceniti STAF 29.33, 6th Josh Harter STAF 29.42. 800 Sprint Medley - 1st Macksville 2:02.96, St. John-Hudson 2:07.92, 4th Stafford 2:14.02. 800 Meter Run - 1st Mikey Agular STAF 2:24.67.

8th grade boys: Long Jump - 4th Andrew Deveney STJO 14:11.00, 5th Alan Ibarra MACK 14-05.00. Discus Throw - 1st Kolton Pavlu MACK 144-06.50, 4th Jeremy Crockett STJO 100-00.50, 5th Jacob Milton STJO 99-07. Shot Put - 2nd Kolton Pavlu MACK 25:03.50. 100 Meter Dash - 5th Alan Ibarra MACK 13.27. 4x100 Meter Relay - 4th St. John-Hudson 1:01.78. 400 Meter Dash - 1st Mikey Agular STAF 59.14, 4th Kolton Pavlu MACK 1:03.61. 200 Meter Dash - 4th Mikey Agular STAF 26.52, 6th Alan Ibarra MACK 26.92. 3200 Meter Run - 5th Lane Sebes, MACK 15:54.70, 6th Rylee Solko MACK 16:04.52. 800 Sprint Medley - 3rd St. John-Hudson 2:18.74. 800 Meter Run - 1st Mikey Agular STAF 2:24.67.