Stafford County residents casting over 1800 votes in Tuesday's primary election

Stafford County residents casting over 1800 votes in Tuesday's primary election including nearly 500 for write in candidates, and a approving a 1 percent sales tax increase for the city of Stafford.

Contrary to the National total, Stafford County residents voted more than 3-1 for Presidential candidate Mitt Romney over incumbent President Barak Obama. The unofficial tallying on Wednesday morning was 1382 votes for Romney/Ryan, 403 votes for Obama/Biden, 31 votes for Libertarians Johnson/Gray, 17 for Baldwin/Martin and one each write in vote for Reed/Carey and Stein/Honkals.

Local races in Stafford County were mostly uncontested with no Democrats running, primary elections decided the contested races early.

There were two candidates that received several write in votes.

Roger Fanshier, incumbent county commissioner for Stafford County's district 2 received 52 votes in a write0in campaign. Fanshier lost in the primary to challenger Shane Stimatze. Stimatze received 474 votes in Tuesday's election.

Kansas Senate district 33 saw some write in votes as well as incumbent Ruth Teichman, Stafford, tried to regain her seat. Teichman lost in the primaries to another Stafford County resident, Mitch Holmes. Holmes served in the Kansas House as the representative of the 114 district. That district was changed during redistricting earlier this year. State totals on the write in vote are not yet available.

In the city of Stafford voters in both precincts voted to approve a 1 percent sales tax increase by a vote of 152-86 in North Stafford, and 104-70 in South Stafford.

The 1 percent sales tax increase is levied for the purpose of improving and maintaining roads and electrical systems in the city.