The Radium Senior Center suffered some extensive storm damage, Saturday.

The Radium Senior Center suffered some extensive damage to the west end of the building when a fast-moving storm front passed through the county, Saturday night.

The thin line of storms traveled across the county fairly quickly dropping some much-needed rain, a spattering of hail and some strong wind gusts.

A call went out around 8 p.m. for damage to the Radium Senior Center. The northwest end of the building had been pushed in and partially ripped from the building. Debris from the center stretched across the large lot and up to neighboring property line. A propane tank in the rear was covered with broken pieces of lumber and metal siding from the building.

According to sources the part of the building that was destroyed was originally a garage and was used mostly for storage.

The center serves seniors in the Radium area with bi-monthly meetings, senior breakfast and doubles as a community center. The building was formerly a gas station known by the names of "Charlies" and "Ralph's."

A source said they will start the clean up as early as Tuesday, but will need help from community members since many of the center's members are elderly.

The storm dropped between 1 and 2 inches of rain across the county. Downed and damaged trees were reported in Macksville and other parts of the county.

Bird watchers reported approximately 20 dead or dying Sandhill Cranes thought to be injured by the fast-moving storms. Golf ball size hail was reported in some parts of the county.

For the second time spectators and actors had to set out power outages during the Saturday Night performance of the high school play. Last year the Saturday performance of the play also went on during a storm that knocked out power.

Attendance at the Saturday night performance was very low as was attendance at the firefighter's soup supper held the same night.

"I don't know if it is the weather or what, but this is the worst attendance we have ever had," said St. John fire chief Michael Sanders.

The soup supper started at 5 p.m., the storm rolled through at about 7 p.m. and lasted less than an hour.