St. John city park serves as launch pad for air-powered rocketry.

St. John's city square park has been used for many things, but Thursday the central city park served as a rocket launching pad for the final day of Acres of Adventure.

The 8-week program geared toward third grade students was administered and funded by the K-State Research and Extension council. Extension agents Amy Collins and Glenn Newdigger along with Saleena Skillet carried out the acres of adventure.

"We geared this program for third grade students and met one day a week for 8 weeks," Collins said. "Each week, kids engaged in hands on, science and agriculturally based activities. Kids also learned how to make good, nutritional snacks and participated in leadership and team building activities."

On the final day of the course the students brought air pressure-powered rockets they built to the city square for some test flights. All had successful launches, but the trees kept a few of the rockets as souvenirs.

The rockets were constructed out of 16 ounce plastic pop bottles and cardboard tubes for the body. A hand-pump launcher held the rocket in place until the proper pressure was achieved through a bicycle hand pump.

One by one with a resounding 3, 2, 1, each of the rockets left the pad and rocketed skyward.

Acres of Adventure is one of several projects for area children and adults offered through the K-State and Stafford County Extension offices.