Macksville defeats the Lady Tigers for the first time since the 1970s.

St. John-Hudson couldn’t hit, Macksville couldn’t miss. That was the name of the story, or at least in the first quarter as the Macksville Lady Stangs built up a commanding leader, while the Lady Tigers fought back and closed the gap in the final minutes of the game in a see-saw battle, the Lady Stangs came out on top defeating the Lady Tigers 42-46.

For Macksville, this was like history in the making considering that the last time they defeated the Lady Tigers was back in the early 70’s when Katie Dighton was leading the stampede.

Starting the first quarter, the Lady Stangs could do no wrong, that is canning the long three’s. They were a perfect 4/4 making the three ball. 

With three minutes left, Bailey Burns made St. John’s first three and a basket, the score going into the second quarter with St. John down 5-13. 

Seven Tigers attempted shots with five of them adding points to the board, the score going into the half, the Lady Tigers down by five 17-22. 

Tara Nelson started the third with a basket. Kerisa Brown made a 3-pointer. Doggett made a basket and Burns made an old fashioned three. The score going into the fourth, the Lady Tigers still down by five 27-32. 

The Tigers were relying on Nelson and Burns, or so it seemed as Nelson four baskets (one of them an old fashioned three. Burns had two baskets.

With the clock at 6:15, the Lady Tigers were within one 31-32. A few second later at 5:56, the Tigers take their first lead of the game 33-32. 

For the rest of the way by the numbers: 3:48 35-36, 1:26 40-41, 36.6 42-43, 10.7 42-43. The Lady Stangs score the last three points and get the win over the Tigers 42-46.

Facing South Central’s trapping zone, it was a low scoring affair starting out the first quarter as neither team faired all that well shooting beyond the arc. 

Paige Doran started things out going 1/2 from the line, Burns made a 3-pointer, Doggett a basket and Nelson a basket.

The score going into the second quarter with the Lady Tigers leading 10-6. 

St. John turnovers coming from lobed passing resulted in points scored for the Timberwolves. Coldwater outscores the Tigers 5-23. Scoring for the Lady Tigers was Burns with an old fashioned three and a basket. The Lady Tigers go into the half behind the Timberwolves 15-29. 

St. John’s Alexa Rodarmel led the scoring in the third by first making a 3-pointer and a basket. Doran, Burns and Nelson each made two points. The score going into the final quarter with the Tigers down by 15, 26-41.

The Coldwater crowd started to get a little nervous as the Lady Tigers outscored South Central 13-4 in the fourth, but it was too much, too late as the Lady Tigers take a 39-49 loss from the Timberwolves.

“First off, credit Macksville” said St. John’s head coach Danny Smith. “They made a lot of big shots, played really well and had great composure. It's wasn't that we played poorly, as much as it was that we couldn't make anything. To start the game, we got good looks and missed every one of them. Macksville did not.” 

“For the game we were 3-17 Three's and 7-20 FT's. At some point you've got to reward yourself for playing hard by making a few shots. We shot this same way against South Central. Making shots makes up for a lot of mistakes in other areas. That kind of sums up this game for us. 

St. John’s JV beat South Central 24-21. Erin Crissman led with 7 points, followed by Yukino 

Inamura with 5. Against the Lady Stangs on Friday, the St. John JV lost 12-26.

Next Thursday, the Lady Tigers will make the long trip to Cimarron. Games start at 4 p.m.