Sedgwick residents seeking out health and beauty treatments will soon have more local access to such amenities as Kaci Pegues prepares to launch her new business, The Spahhh (102 E. Fifth St., across from the Sedgwick Senior Center), with an open house on May 1.

Operating as a hair salon for the past four years, Pegues took sole proprietorship of the business recently and will be working with some independent contractors to continue offering those services at the location (which they have been doing leading up to the open house).

Expanding on those services, and adding to the spa atmosphere, Pegues also plans to offer manicures, pedicures, massages and more at her establishment, making some renovations (including adding a relaxation room) to allow for the latter. Having the chance to offer that in the town where she grew up, Pegues jumped at the opportunity.

"I always wanted to work in my community; take care of the people that live around you, take care of each other," Pegues said. "I think with the coffee shop opening up just recently around the corner and this, there's more reason for people to come to town, get out, run around and have something to do."

Pegues brings a load of prior experience in the industry to her new venture, having worked in massage therapy — including teaching at Butler County Community College — for 20 years. Getting her start with chiropractors and physical therapists, the latter also turned Pegues onto the holistic approach that shapes some of the classes that she also plans to offer at The Spahhh.

"I've always wanted a healing center for community enrichment, so I want to offer a lot of body work and healing classes," Pegues said. "We want to have the amenities available, but we also want to educate and inspire."

Classes Pegues hopes to offer range from yoga to meditation to reflexology, noting she personally is also working on furthering her education and adding some nutritional counseling to the list of services available. Plans are to host classes in the mornings and evenings before normal business hours (10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, as of May 1), and possibly on Mondays.

Being in town, Pegues noted she is also open to working by appointment. While she still works part-time at Beau Monde Spa in Wichita, having her own business in Sedgwick allows her to see more people — and offer a more cost-friendly option than traveling out of town for those services.

On top of the spa amenities, Pegues noted she hopes the business can be a source of stress relief, health education and offer a great service to the community.

"We want it to be affordable as well. We want it to be comfortable for people that they feel like they can just step in and relax anytime," Pegues said. "We just hope that it's a bright spot in the community; that we have success and people enjoy coming here and that they feel better."