7th annual Boots and Beer received plenty of positive feedback.

Staff members at the Boot Hill Museum went to bed very happy on Friday after having a successful night at the 7th annual Boots and Beer Benefit Auction.

According to Lara Brehm, executive director of the museum, this year’s event was the best one by far.

“It was incredible, we were super pleased with the turnout,” she said. “We’re really close to our goal. We’re still calculating, so I don’t have a final number, but I think we’ll be really close to what we were hoping for.”

Brehm stated that 170 tickets were sold, just 10 tickets away from their goal of 180.

“I’ve heard good reports, I think everybody had fun,” said Brehm. “We try really hard to keep things moving quickly, cause I know sometimes auctions seem to drag on until late at night.”

The most popular aspect of the night was the food and craft beer pairings by Boot Hill Casino and Resort Conference Center, John Ross and Co. Signature Catering, Fireside at Boot Hill Casino, Bella Italia, Prime on the Nine and the Boot Hill Museum.

Additionally, the raffle and auction items yielded many interested eyes.

“The gun raffle went really well, we sold all of those tickets, and we sold a good chunk of the Wine and Time, so people were interested in getting the Apple watch,” said Brehm. “We do those raffles and the double decker just so people can get the chance to contribute without getting outbid, or if they’re wanting to give $40 instead of $400. We try to make it to where everybody can participate.”

A big chunk of the funds raised during this evening was raised during the live auction, which consisted of vacations, handmade items, and much more.

“We had some unique items this year that we haven’t had in the past, so that made it fun,” said Brehm. “Our feet were tired, but overall we were pretty pleased with the evening.”

During the live auction, the Boot Hill Distillery introduced their newest product, Prickly Ash Bitters.

“From now on, the museum will get a dollar from every bottle sold at the Boot Hill Distillery,” said Brehm. “That was an awesome gift.”

Additionally, “Out of the Ashes”, a special drawing by Joel Milford, yielded more bidders than expected.

After the drawing received a $3,000 bid offer from Building Solutions, the bidder stated that he would only buy the drawing if a hat was passed around to collect money for the Ashland Community Foundation.

Following that, a representative from the Boot Hill Casino and Resort offered to match the $3,000 bid along with Business Solutions to make it a $6,000 bid.

“I thought that was extremely nice and generous,” said Brehm. “We’re happy for the amount that the print sold for. All of the money was handed straight to Kevin Milford to take to the Ashland Community Foundation.”

Brehm stated that the money collected in the hat has not been calculated yet.

Overall, Boot Hill Museum staff members were very pleased with the outcome.

“We’re always a little surprised at how generous people are, and we are always so grateful for the donations we get,” said Brehm. “All in all we had over 100 donations, either for silent or live or cash, and that speaks highly of our community.”

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