For years now, we have heard Congress complain about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and insist they have something better to offer us.The bill in the House has now been passed and it does exactly what we should have all guessed: hand tax breaks to the rich while the rest of us are told not to get sick.

Under their plan, companies will get tax breaks while paying their executives enormous salaries, while many of us must decide between paying for healthcare and paying our monthly utility bills. While our premiums and deductibles continue to go through the roof the health insurance industry gets to continue reaping billions off the backs of the sick and their families. While our elderly cut their pills in half just to get through each week the the pharmaceutical industry will continue to gouge us on prescription drugs simply because they can and Congress apparently has little interest in stopping them.

Healthcare is a right, not a privilege, and we need a Congress that will recognize and work for that. That is why I support Brand New Congress’ plan (available at to make Medicare available to anyone who wants it. We need to elect people who represent the working families, children, poor and elderly of this country - not just the rich and corporate donors.


Joe Cheray

Brand New Congress Kansas Lead Organizer