The St. John-Hudson Tigers swept five teams for a perfect 5-0 record at the Kingman MAYB Tournament.

It’s almost getting to be a forgone conclusion that the St. John-Hudson Tigers take first place honors at the Kingman MAYB Basketball Tournament. And they did again, going 5-0 last Saturday and Sunday.

Starting out, the Tigers defeated the Wichita Colligate Spartans 63-45 in the morning, defeated the Kingman Eagles 39-24, and waited six hours to play the Attica Bulldogs, with St. John getting their third win of the day 55-32.

In the semi’s on Sunday, St. John defeated the Haven Wildcats in a barn burner, and had to go into overtime to get a 50-44 win.

Advancing on to the championship final, the Tigers defeated the Circle Thunderbirds 62-49.

Starting out, the Tigers definitely had the height advantage going up against the Spartans.

The game could have been a run-a-way in the first half, but Colligate stayed within striking distance going 3/3 from long distance, the score in St. John’s favor 23-16.

The Spartan’s three’s kept on falling as they made three more. However, St. John’s offense scored a number of points on the fast break, and inside too, as the Tigers’ big men controlled the boards, adding baskets, and more baskets on put-backs. The score at the half was St. John 33 – Spartans 25.

The Tigers go on for a 63-45 win over Colligate.

In the second game against Kingman, both teams were having troubles scoring, and the end of the first half showed it, St. John leading 16-11.

St. John’s coach Kurt Fairchild kept on stressing defense during the second half and it paid off as the Tigers added nine points while blanking the Eagles, the score at the 16:00 mark 21-11. Two minutes later the Tigers lead increased 25-13.

One of the biggest differences was in rebounding. During the first half, the Eagles controlled the boards. Then a complete turn-a-bout as the Tigers controlled the boards, much of that coming from St. John’s big men Chase Fisher and Tanner Halling.

From then on, with the clock at 3:48, the score was 35-21, 2:46, 35-24, 2:29, 37-24, and the last basket made was Chase Fisher wide open and alone under the basket, easily making two points.

The Tigers get their second win 39-24 of the day, and their fifth win of the tournament.

Kudo’s goes to St. John sophomore Tanner Halling, using his height to full advantage, both on offense and defense.