The Macksville Mustangs dominated the Ness City Eagles with a 60-20 football victory.

It was a great day for the Macksville Mustangs football team as they took on the ranked Ness City Eagles at Ness City last Friday evening. In what was to be an eye opener in 2A football, the Mustangs came home with their first win of the season defeating the Eagles 60-20.

It didn’t start out that way though as the Mustangs were down 6-20 at the end of one, Macksville’s only score was Jacob Rein going across the goal line with an eight yard run.

But after that, from then on it was all Macksville for the rest of the game.

The fireworks started in the second quarter as Kreed Parr had two interceptions for touchdowns. Jacob Rain also scored twice, but his came from two receptions for touchdowns.

The score at the half with the Mustangs leading 36-20.

After the half, this time it was Karson Waters who did the damage has he caught the ball twice for touchdowns. Rein added another reception for the score.

At the end of three quarters, the Mustangs were leading 54-20.

The score kept coming from the air as Brandon Ibarra caught one for a touchdown, the Mustangs get a 60-20 win.

On the defense side, Ibarra had 11 tackles, Cody Mead 6 tackles (2 assists), Parr 5 tackles (7 assists), Zane Johnson 5 tackles, Brandyberry 5 tackles (3 assists), Rein 4 tackles (1 assist), Waters 2 tackles (1 assist), Luis Saenz 2 tackles (1 assist), Kaleb Lickiss 1 tackle (2 assists), Clayton Cross 1 tackle, Ethan Hickman 1 tackle.

“Tonight was a good game for us,” said Macksville’s head coach Chet Skinner. “We faced a well-coached Ness City team. The boys knew that the team that made the least amount of mistakes will usually win the game. Our defense is something that has struggled in the past and over the off-season we spent a lot of time working to clean that up. The improvement came forth tonight.

Skinner continued saying “We recovered four fumbles and returned two interceptions for touchdowns, forced many third and long situations. Offensively we were able to get the ball into our skilled position hands and they made great plays. We played with a lot of emotion and pride tonight. Next week we’re matched up with a tough Victoria team that is well coached and disciplined. We will need to clean up a few things in practice this week to play at 100 percent.”