The new Stafford County Drug pharmacy is about two months from opening and is offering free in-town delivery in St. John and Stafford both now through Pratt Medical Arts Pharmacy and when the pharmacy opens in St. John.

Traveling to get prescription medications in St. John and Stafford is becoming a thing of the past.

Stafford County Drug is about two months out from becoming a reality in downtown St. John. Located at 311 North Broadway, the new pharmacy, co-owned by Allison and Cody Freeze and Lance and Sloane Freeman, will provide pharmacy services in St. John including free delivery to St. John and Stafford, said co-owner Allison Freeze.

If there is enough demand, free in-town delivery could be extended to Macksville.

But St. John and Stafford residents don't have to wait to get free prescription deliveries. Those are available now through the Pratt Medical Arts Pharmacy in Pratt. All customers have to do is call 620-672-7447 to place a prescription order and the medicine will be delivered, free of charge, to St. John and Stafford, Freeze said.

St. John and Stafford deliveries are made once a day and will be made directly to people's houses.

This free in-town delivery service will continue once the pharmacy is open in St. John. Out-of-town delivery is available by mail with payment of postage.

In the meantime, work continues on the soon-to-be pharmacy building in St. John. The building has been a flower shop and was home to the Polk Produce Company.

The license to operate has been approved, work continues on the necessary insurance and work on the interior is getting closer to being complete. It has been a long process but the last of the pieces are coming into place.

"We're a couple of months out but there is a light at the end of the tunnel," Freeze said.

The pharmacy will offer a complete over-the-counter service and be working with a nursing home. No vaccinations will be offered at this location. Office hours are still in the works and will be announced later.

When Stafford County Drug opens, the staff will include one pharmacist, one technician and one driver.

There is a big need for pharmacy in the area and the co-owners are at a point where they can expand their business. The service area is big but they can take care of anyone who comes in the front door. The free in-town delivery will continue once the new pharmacy is open, Freeze said.

The 311 North Broadway location was chosen because there weren't a lot of options. They considered another building but the previous occupants didn't get out of the building in a timely fashion.

The feedback on the new pharmacy has been tremendously positive.

"People are happy we're going to be open in the area," Freeze said.