The Macksville Mustangs dominated Kiowa County with a 46-0 victory.

One down and two to go. That’s what it takes for the Macksville Mustangs to achieve their first goal, to move on to the Kansas High School football playoffs. They did part of that by easily defeating the Kiowa County Mavericks 46-0, thus cutting the game short in the third quarter last Friday at Greensburg.

The big and short plays, one on the ground and one in the air broke the Mavericks backs. First a 65 yard run by Jacob Rein going in for the touchdown had the Mustangs in front 6-0. Then close to the goal line, a four yard pass from Kody Mead to Kreed Parr, Macksville leads 12-0.

Rein runs another one in, going 33 yards for his second touchdown, then goes in for the two point conversion.

The Mustangs go into the second quarter leading 20-0.

It was more of the same as Macksville added another 20 points, aided by a little seasoning, some razzle-dazzle coming from the backfield.

Mead started things out with his first touchdown, a 24 yarder, then floated a 41 yarder to Parr for the touchdown, the Mustangs lead 36-0.

Mead faked a pass, sent it off to an open Rein. Rein then spotted Parr down field and threw a 54 yarder for a touchdown. On the conversion, Mead throws to Rein for two points.

The score at the half had the Mustangs leading 40-0.

Rein finishes things off starting the 3rd quarter with a 26 yard touchdown. Macksville wins, 46-0.

Rushing: Rein had 12 carries for 178 yards, Mead nine carries for 74 yards, and Luis Staenz three carries for 24 yards.

Receiving: Rein had one catch for 15 yards, Parr three catches for 99 yards.

Rein went 1-1 passing for 54 yards for a touchdown, Mead 3-4 passing for 60 yards and two touchdowns.

Touchdowns: Rein had three touchdowns for 18 points, Mead one touchdown for 6 points, and Parr three touchdowns (receptions) for 18 points.

Two point conversions: Rein runs one in for two points. Mead passes to Rein for another two points.

On tackles, Rein had eight tackles (3 assists), Harley Blaske four tackles (3 assists), Parr four tackles (2 assists), Nate Brandyberry four tackles, Mead four tackles, Zane Johnson two tackles (1 assists), Kaleb Lickiss two tackles, Saenz one tackle (3 assists), Tyler Bissell one tackle.

“We played well tonight on all sides of the ball” said Macksville High Coach Chet Skinner. “Got off to a hot start by scoring on the first play of the game with Jacob Rein rushing for a 65 yard TD. From there it continued to defense by keeping KC out of the endzone. We are having some younger guys playing and they are playing well, making some plays these last two games. We look to build some momentum heading into the last few games of the regular season. Next week we play Pratt-Skyline. They are a very physical team that is well coached.”

This Friday the Mustangs take on the Pratt-Skyline Thunderbirds at home. Game time is 7 p.m.