The Lady Tigers took spit victories with a win over Kinsley and a loss to La Crosse.

The St. John-Hudson Lady Tigers broke even at the La Crosse Triangular a week go last Tuesday, defeating the Kinsley Lady Coyotes 25-14, 25-20, then took an earlier loss in the first match, losing to the La Crosse Leopards 25-27, 14-25.

Starting out with the Coyotes, the Tigers took a 5-1 lead, part of that coming from an ace by St. John’s Melissa Williamson. The score got within two points, the Tigers still in front 8-6. Then St. John started pulling away on a five point run, part of that, an ace by the Tigers’ Dayton Long, the score 12-6.

Kinsley was still within reach, but an eight point Tiger run sealed the Coyotes fate, and it was just a matter of time for the Lady Tigers to finish taking care of business. St. John wins the first set 25-14.

The Lady Tigers relaxed some during the second set, allowing the Coyotes to stay close until the game was tied at 14-14. During the next six volleys, Kinsley was trying to break St. John’s hold, but a seven point run, two of those points coming from Williamson’s second and third aces made the score 20-15. St. John holds on and takes the second set 25-20 and the match.

Against the Leopards, the Tigers were obviously up to the task.

The Lady Tigers started out leading 4-0. Except for 10 ties, the Lady Tigers stayed in front for much of the time.

In all, the Tigers had the lead in 30 volleys, compared to the Leopards’ 12 volleys. But where it counted the most, starting at the 20-20 mark and with five more ties to come, the Leopards won out, clawing their way to a 25-27 victory.

The second set had the Tigers behind 0-2, but after Torre Fisher’s ace, the score was tied 2-2. The Lady Tigers took the lead for the next seven volleys, then it was tied again 6-6. The Leopards tried to break away, and after three more ties 6-6, 7-7, 8-8. Things started to take its toll on the Tigers. La Crosse took an 8-9 lead, and kept widening it to the end. The Tigers loose the second set 14-25 and the match.

Next in line for the Lady Tigers is the Central Prairie League Volleyball Tournament held at Central Plains this Saturday. The matches start at 9 a.m.