The Macksville Mustangs were tested at South Central, prepare for regional meet.

It was a tough course at Coldwater’s South-Central Invitational” said Macksville’s cross-country coach Mike Hullman. “Still, it was good for us to run, considering Mead’s Regional is our next meet. They have one of the toughest courses around.” 

“The temperature turned back hot on us, about 90 degrees, and of course down there, once again strong, gusty south winds. We still had some good races.  Times were off some because of the course and weather.”

“We still need to know how to compete through the tough parts of our races.  We also need to close the gap between our first runner and our sixth runner. Its crunch time since our Regional will determine if we add another week to our season.”

Twenty-five schools from class 1A -2A participated at Coldwater’s Golf Course.

There are two places, one for the CPL and one for all the schools interred.

Varsity Girls Race, Itzel Garcia placed 6/24 with a time of 25:50. Serena Blaske placed 8/28 with a time of 26:35. Lydia Mendze placed 11th 27:15, Anna Suiter placed 15/47 30:40, Caren Holguin placed 16th/49 31:00, and Kylee Nottovy placed 18th/51 31:51.

In the Junior Varsity Girls Race, Kiley Blevins placed 3rd/7 with a time of 32:15. Elena Kuckelman placed 4th/9 with a time of 38:50.

The Varsity Boy Race, Andrew Cross placed 10th/21 with a time of 20:35, Jacob Suiter placed 14th/29 with a time of 21:30, Gabe Wolff placed 15th/33 21:45, Harley Blaske placed 21st/52 23:55, Trey Britton placed 22nd/57 24:50, Jesus Ibarra placed 23rd/59 25:00, /Wilhelm Penner placed 18th 27th/63 26:20.