The St. John Zimmatic dealership, 96 Agri Sales, was honored as the No. 7 dealership in the country.

A St. John and Mt. Hope agriculture business has recently been honored as one of the top 10 in the nation for irrigation.

The local Zimmatic dealer, 96 Agri Sales Inc., was recently recognized as the No. 7 dealer in North America. Zimmatic by Lindsay has a dealer network of over 200 dealers with a total of over 235 locations. 96 Agri Sales Inc. has two locations in Mt. Hope and St. John.

Jadson Wood, co-owner of 96 Agri Sales along with wife Heather and other family members operate the business that has a service area stretching from the Kansas-Missouri border to U.S. 183 by Greensburg and from the Kansas-Oklahoma border to Interstate 70. They were proud to receive the recognition for the entire staff.

"I'm proud of everybody here. All the employees contribute," Wood said. "I'm proud of the team at 96 for making it happen."

96 Agri Sales Inc. is a one-stop service for everything to do with irrigation. They do all work themselves, whenever possible and only use contractors that work for Wood exclusively. They set up the systems and do all associated work and maintenance.

"When it comes to irrigation, the only thing we don't do is drill the well," Wood said.

This is a very family oriented business with owners Jason and Heather, their children Landon and Brooklynn and Jason's brother Brock all working to make the business a success.

Jason and Heather Wood purchased 96 Agri Sales Inc. in the fall of 2010. In April of 2015, 96 Agri Sales added a second location in St. John. Since 2010 Jason and his team have grown 96 Agri Sales by over 500 percent, increased parts on hand by over 700 percent and have a market share growth of 28 percent. The growth of 96 has come through the commitment of all its employees to high-level water application package, center pivot monitoring devices and most importantly, parts on hand and service on all brands of pivots.

The staff of 15 full time, with an average age of 34, employees at 96 Agri Sales are second to none in central Kansas with over 152 years of combined center pivot irrigation experience. Wood, along with his team, have embraced and implemented internal technology to improve their efficiencies on dispatching service technicians, parts sales and grower location management.

“Keeping things in-house and using contractors minimally keeps us ahead of the competition. It allows us to make scheduling changes quickly and effectively without waiting on a crew to get there. 96 uses contract exclusive contract crews for set up and repair of center pivots along with turbine pump work," Wood said.

96 has six full time service technicians on staff to provide fastest and knowledgeable service available in the area. 96 strives to have a service tech on every standard service call within three hours of when it was called into one of their offices during growing season.

“96 and Jason Wood are only as good as the people at the company. I have been involved in irrigation for over 30 years and we have formed one of the best and most knowledgeable teams in all of North America,” Wood said. “No one can provide new center pivots, parts or service as efficiently and quickly as 96, and I mean no one. I will put my staff up against anyone in the country; they are second to none and are committed to the growers.”