Thumbs up

Rain doesn’t stop volunteers

We give a thumbs up to the people who made this year’s Brush Up Mac possible.

Brush Up Mac provides an important service to help people get their homes spruced up for spring. Despite a soggy start, 150 volunteers completed 22 projects that make our whole community look better.

We hope Brush Up Mac continues to be a successful venture in McPherson and a boon to those in need.

Toews wraps up term as mayor’s association president

We give a thumbs up to Inman Mayor Jim Toews for his work as a leader in the Kansas Mayor’s Association.

The role of mayor can be a challenging one. Between promoting small-town life to keeping up with the latest legislative developments, there’s a lot to track and plan for. As president of the Kansas Mayor’s Association, Toews worked to educate his fellow mayors on the issues facing small towns, advocating for them in Topeka and giving advice on how to make cities more attractive to outsiders.

We wish Toews the best of luck as he continues to lead Inman.

Windom plant sales up

We give a thumbs up to Windom Elementary School for their greenhouse project.

The greenhouse allows students to gain hands-on experience in plant science and the challenges of growing plants. In April the school hosted a plant sale, bringing in more than $6,000 in pre-orders.

This is a fantastic opportunity for students, and an innovative way of raising funds for education. We hope our county schools continue to find new, unique ways of educating our children.

Thumbs sideways

Repairs urgent, but campaign underway

The McPherson Humane Society’s shelter needs repairs, but fortunately, volunteers are being proactive about getting things done.

The society has launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise $20,000 for roof repairs and heater/cooler updates. These improvements will ensure homeless cats in McPherson have somewhere to stay until someone adopts them. It will also make the shelter more energy efficient, allowing funds to be spent on other needs.

We encourage everyone to consider supporting the Humane Society in this endeavor.

Shultz faces new charges

It seems the case against Anthony Shultz is getting worse, with additional charges added against him.

On April 12, a new indictment was handed down with additional charges. Shultz is now charged with selling or buying of children, distribution of child pornography, possession of child pornography, identity theft, two counts of engaging in illicit sexual conduct in a foreign place, three counts of production of child pornography, and two counts of sex trafficking of children.

It remains to be seen whether Shultz will be convicted of any of these charges, and we hope investigators work to bring all the facts to light so that the truth can be made known.

— Josh Arnett for the McPherson Sentinel Editorial Board.