Good guys don’t let children fire automatic weapons

You have the right to keep and bear arms thanks to the Second Amendment.
I don’t even want to discuss or dispute how the framers of the constitution never imagined how stupid people would become or how powerful guns would become.
The same guys who didn’t have ball point pens but have their rules about communications governing text updates to social media platforms made from mobile phones also have their rules on single shot muskets governing weapons that can now be generated on a 3-D printer.
The Second Amendment has been reinterpreted over the past two centuries by legislators funded by gun zealots who want guns on every person in cars, shopping malls and classrooms in America.
Anything goes and it’s legal, and if you don’t believe that you’re a liberal pansy.
I just keep hoping someone will save us from ourselves.
Guns are weapons.
Any time you fetishize a weapon into an extension of your manhood or begin treating it like a toy, you are wrong and bad things are going to happen.
Tanks are great weapons, but nothing good will happen if you buy one for your 16-year old daughter to drive to school each day. Maybe you could add a Taser into that fun game of tag on the elementary school playground.
If you need a gun to hunt or feel safer because you keep one in a closet in your home, I understand and have no problem with that. I have been a gun owner for similar reasons.
But when you make guns “fun” and take your young child out shooting as an activity and head off to work and believe they aren’t going to find them on their own, you are delusional.
One New Jersey family just turned a vacation into a lifetime of counseling bills when they took a fun trip to Las Vegas. No trip to Sin City is complete without a daytrip to Bullets and Burgers in Kingman, Ariz. I’m sure it is a good time for people who want to shoot some guns and eat some meat.
It is especially fun for nine-year-old girls. I’m sure the kid wanted to make daddy proud because his princess can really handle the iron. The cute Facebook posts about how she would be able to handle herself around ornery boys would have been hilarious.
The little girl was getting lessons on shooting from one of the Bullets and Burgers employees when he decided to literally bring out the big guns. One of the great things about Arizona is that shooting ranges can let anyone fire fully automatic weapons. Now your third grade daughter can find out what serving in Vietnam was like.
That sounds fun.
So she squeezes off a few rounds on single shot mode before they flipped it to a fully automatic weapon. When she squeezed the trigger, she lost control of the gun and riddled her instructor with bullets. Apparently the Second Amendment doesn’t guarantee you will survive when someone else exercises her rights.
Does a nine-year-old really have Second Amendment rights? How can we restrict how tall a kid has to be to ride a roller coaster, drive a car, drink a beer or vote but she can fire a fully automatic weapon as long as her parents have the money to pay the tab.
No charges are pending against the girl or anyone involved because the range is licensed and legal.
I’m sure that will serve as a comfort for a little girl who will forever see those images of a shooting instructor lying dead in a pool of blood while her finger was still on the trigger. It isn’t her fault. Children aren’t supposed to have good judgment. She trusted her parents not to expose her to this level of stupidity and they failed her. The gun range failed her. Every legislator that ever yielded a vote to the decree and donation of the National Rifle Association and made this horrible scenario possible failed her.
Guns are weapons. If you want to kill an animal or protect your family, I get it.
Guns are not toys. The mantra for the NRA is that the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Good guys don’t let children fire automatic weapons.
Gun laws become necessary when gun owners can’t behave responsibly and put lives in danger.

Kent  Bush is the publisher of the Butler County Times Gazette and can be reached at: