Bryant Seba was sentenced Monday to two consecutive life terms in prison for the first-degree murders of Alexandria Duran and her unborn baby on July 24, 2013.

Seba was also sentenced to 272 months (22 years, 8 months) for the attempted murder of Brandon Wright. That sentence will run concurrently with the life terms.

Pratt County District Court Judge Frank Meisenheimer said it would be 50 years before Seba would be eligible for parole. Meisenheimer also set Seba’s appeal bond at $5 million.

A jury found Seba guilty of two counts of first degree murder and one count of attempted first degree murder on Friday, Oct. 3 in District Court. The murders took place on July 24, 2013 in the 100 block of North Ninnescah.

Seba sat staring straight ahead during the hour-long sentencing hearing, answering a couple of questions from the judge and making a brief statement just before sentencing was passed.

During his statement, Seba the events of that night haunt him and he prays for Duran’s family every day. He also said he was not a monster and didn’t believe he should spend his life in prison.

Just before sentencing, Meisenheimer said he had given this case a lot of thought. He believed Seba was genuinely remorseful and had no doubt if he could go back he would change what happened that night.

However, Meisenheimer said, there were three victims in this case. Seba intended to shoot Wright and did shoot him five times in the back and that was his intent at that time. He shot Alexandria Duran in the head causing her to die and that her baby died as a result of Duran’s death, Meisenheimer said.

Meisenheimer said it was beyond comprehension that this event started because of a disagreement over payment of a video game and racial and homophobic slurs.

In a direct address to Seba, Meisenheimer said even though he had chances to stop the confrontation, he chose to knock on Matthew Rost’s door, he chose to rev his motorcycle, he chose to go into his house, get the gun and come back outside and shoot.

Family and friends for both Duran and Seba sat quietly in the courtroom as Dereck Van Royen, who lived in the same house as Duran, read a statement from Miguel Ruiz, uncle to Duran, who attempted to break up the fight among Seba, Brandon and Zachary Wright on the night of the murder.

In his statement, Ruiz describes being depressed, suicidal and suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. He had lost his job and doesn’t leave the house. He was mad at Seba and wanted him to be in solitary confinement so his family could not come visit him since none of Ruiz’ family could visit Duran.

Beth Duran, sister-in-law of Duran, read statements from Duran’s sister, mother and brother. They talked about hearing the baby’s heartbeat the same day it was murdered, Duran’s three sons no longer having a mother and not understanding why she won’t come home, and how she had no choice the day she was murdered.

At the beginning of sentencing, Meisenheimer addressed three motions from defense attorney Michael Brown asking for acquittal, a new trial and a mistrial. Meisenheimer denied the acquittal motion because the prosecution had proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Seba had committed the murders and attempted murders and there was evidence of premeditation. He also said he didn’t believe Seba intended to shoot Duran but Kansas law dictates transfer of intent so the intent to shoot Wright transferred to Duran and her baby.

Meisenheimer denied the new trial motion because there was sufficient evidence presented during the trial. He also denied the motion for a mistrial because the evidence admitted, specifically photos of the deceased baby and the wound to Duran’s head, were both relevant and admissible and were not unfair or prejudicial to Seba.