This week's New Yorker humorously confronts former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's email controversy with a series of emoji on its cover.

Clinton's expected presidential campaign has been battered by negative headlines and new revelations since March 2, when The New York Times reported that she exclusively used her personal email to conduct state business. This reportedly violated federal guidelines and may have left sensitive information vulnerable on an unsecure server. 

The New Yorker's take on the controversy was drawn by artist Barry Blitt. In a statement released by the magazine, Blitt said he is fascinated by emoji. 

"Seriously, how does anyone understand anything thatís written with only letters?" Blitt asked. "I feel sorry for the alphabet. Iím waiting for the first original novel to be composed solely with emoticons. Oh, and Hillary Clinton."

View the cover at, which was titled "Clinton's Emoji," below:

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