The Macksville Mustangs earned some top medals at the Hoisington Invitational Cross County Meet.

At the Hoisington Invitational cross country meet, held at the Bicentennial Park course last Saturday, there were five teams of class 1-3A, including the Macksville Mustangs.

It was a flat course with good footing, 80 degrees

and humid.

In the varsity girls race,

Itzel Garcia placed 2nd with a time of 24.55, Lydia Mendez placed 5th 26:20, Caren Holguin placed 8th 28:25, and Kaylee Hottovy 10th 29:12.

In the girls junior varsity race, Anna Suiter placed 4th with a time of 26.55, Kiley Bevins placed 9th 31:05, and Elena Huckelman 11th 32:10.

The team averages were 7th place, with individual time average of 28.18.

In the varsity boys race, Jacob Suiter placed 3rd with a time of 20:35, Andrew Cross placed 7th 21.20, Gabe Wolff 10th 22.30, Brandon Ibarra 11th 22:42, Harley Blaske 12th 23:12.

In the boys junior varsity race, Jesus Ibarra placed 1st with a time of 22:15, Trey Britton placed 4th 24:00, Wilhelm Penner 6th 25:30.

The team averages were 7th place, individual time average 25.00.

The Mustangs next meet will be at Pratt-Skyline on Saturday. Races start at 10:10 a.m.