Red Cedar Land Management, owned and operated by Ryan Koelsch and Heath Getty, is up and operating and expects to have a new building on a new location in the next few months.

Dirt will begin to fly Thursday as the latest addition to the St. John business community will start clearing land and moving dirt.

Ryan Koelsch and partner Heath Getty are starting Red Cedar Land Management, a new company that will provide a variety of land management services plus provide soil seed products.

Equipment is scheduled to start moving dirt at the new building site one mile east of the junction of U.S. 281 and U.S. 50.

Koelsch, a St. John resident, who has been a Real Estate agent for eight years with Mossy Oak Properties, has combined forces with Syngenta Seed/Golden Harvest and Getty to create a new land management company.

Koelsch said the land management portion of the business will be clearing land and preparing food plots to feed deer and other animals. They will plant a variety of food products including radish, turnip, cow peas, rye and other seed for the fall crop. A different combination will be planted in the spring.

They will also specialize in controlled burns, tree removal and other land management service.

Plots of land are from one to two acres in size and, so far, about 60 plots have been developed.

Once the plots have been established, the pair also offers a maintenance service to the land owner doesn't have to worry about keeping the property in good shape.

The interest in having someone else manage these hunting properties is evident. Last year Koelsch and Getty messed around with the idea and developed a couple of plots. They added a couple more clients, got some more property and the business started to take off. This year they have produced 60 plots that were developed strictly by word of mouth without advertising.

"We see a big opportunity," Koelsch said.

Hunting is big business in Kansas. Locals and out of town hunters come to Kansas and this is a way to help increase tourism in the area.

They develop plots in pastures. Many of the pastures have ceder trees in them and they have to equipment to remove trees. So besides developing the food plots, they help the farmer control the ceder tree problem on their farm.

One reason their program has been popular is that there are lot of farmers out there that want to develop deer plots and want to control ceder trees but they simply are so busy they don't have the time necessary to get everything done. No one else is focusing on this service so there is a need and they intend on creating an opportunity for a new business.

Besides the land plot business, Koelsch said they were combining a seed business for more growth. The seed side provides corn, soybean, milo and cotton. They also sell the seed for the land plots.

Koelsch said they have the necessary equipment and with his seed business and his real estate company, he has a broad base to make connections with people that want his service.

Koelsch said the new building should be complete within the next six months. They have several bids for the shed and are ready to get started with construction. This will be a really nice shed with easy access off the highway where they can run the entire operation.

Koelsch said he enjoys being an entrepreneur and working for the farmer. His goal is to provide good service and good seed.

For those interested in the land plot program or wanting to purchase seed, contact Koelsch at 620-546-3746 or Getty at 620-546-3064.