The Blue Team overcame the White team with at 20-14 victory at the St. John High School 2017 FCCLA Power Puff Football Food Bank Bowl extravaganza.

It was billed as one of the largest sporting events in Kansas. Well maybe not the largest, as the St. John High School 2017 FCCLA Powder Puff Football Food Bank Bowl extravaganza took place at Brown Park last Thursday evening, the Blue Team coming out on top over the White Team 20-14.

Before the game, the lovely Queen Candidates, Cher- ry McVey (Cashe), Maria Moreno (Miguel), Bonnie Burk (Kyle), Esther Calleros (Eddie) and Patricia Hallings (Persie) vied for the coveted crown. On the “Men’s” side vying for the King’s Crown was Deshawn Garcia (Shay- la), Philip Doran (Paige), Clyde Willinger (Jordon), Jack Rios (Jackie) and Mark Williamson (Melissa). The men candidates just had to show off their brilliance by flex- ing their muscles.

In the distance, a soft drum roll could be heard just before the crowning. (Then again it could have been a semi braking on the overpass.) The Queen and King names were announced — Her Highness Queen Patri- cia, and the Most Holy King Philip.

Then came what everyone was waiting for, the “Clash of the Titans”.

Following the two halfs, the scoring was tallied with the Blue Team scoring three touchdowns, while the White Team had two. Torri Fisher scored for the Blues getting the first touchdown along with two extra points. Leslie Remarez ran it in for a touchdown as did Makalya Devine who got six points.

For the White team, Paige Doran did what she did last year, covering a lot acreage, scoring all 14 points for the Whites.

The teams were divided by classes, the Blues com- prised of sophomores and seniors, while the Whites were freshmen and juniors.

To cheer both teams on, the freshmen boys led the cheering, a most unusual experience. Still, they got the job done as Juanita Calleros (Uriel), Shaniqua Tayler (Jordon), Lupita Reed (Dylan), La Qui Qui Holguin (Luis), and Joranda Fernandez (Edwin) shimmed and shook the night away.

There was even an announcer Luke Mercer, score- board Branden Witt and music Ethan Huston.

Tanner Halling, Colin Halling, and Johnathan Vil- laueva were on the chain gang, water boy/girl A.J. Miller and Shelby Weaver, Ball Boy Trey Fisher, Flag Belts Shel- by Weaver, concessions Madison Brown and Damian Rios, and admissions Baylee Schrag, Whitney Brummer, Brittney Schrag, and Shayla Garcia.

The Blue Team: No. 1 Bree Meyer, No. 4 Ramsey McVey, No. 5 Julie Taylor, No. 7 Alexis Moss, No. 9 Amer- ica Fernandez, No. 20 Brianna Banks, No. 30 Makay- la Devine, No. 40 Erin Chrissman, No. 44 Torre Fish- er, No. 45 Leslie Ramirez, No. 68 Tara Nelson, No. 74 Sierra Martin.

The White Team: No. 1 Atarah Walker, No. 4 Jackie Rios, No. 5 Kandis Williamson, No. 7 Katie Burke, No. 9 Itzel Guillen, No. 10 Melissa Williamson, No. 32 Paige Doran, No. 40 Zayreli Reyes, No. 45 Alexa Rodarmel, No. 5 Brenna Clark, No. 55 Jaden Reed, No. 68 Emma Koelsch.

Coaches: White Team — Joel Ibarra, Roger Ramirez, Cashe McVey. Blue Team —Eddy Ibarra, Quincey Smith, Chase Fisher.

A big thanks to Sponsor Susan Patterson, Officials Mike Manderino, Jarrod Tayler, Travis Olive, Jerseys Mike Joiner, Maintenance David Berens, and admin- istration Travis Olive.