The Macksville Mustangs took the Larned Keady Classic with a win over St. John-Hudson.

Nobody can say that the Macksville Mustangs plays with an easy schedule, definitely when it came to Larned’s Keady Classic held almost all last week, and before that playing Ness City away in the first week of basketball season.

Going through a gauntlet of three really good teams, in the Championship Round of the Keady Classic last Saturday evening, they defeated St. John 51-38, and just before that they had a major comeback to defeat Larned 45-39. In the first round last Friday afternoon they defeated Spearville 44-38.

Macksville’s Karson Waters led the scoring in the first quarter against the Tigers. Waters made a basket, a 3-Pointer and a basket, follow by Jacob Rein with three baskets. The Mustangs lead 13-4. Once again Waters led the scoring in the second quarter with 13 points, five baskets and a 3-Pointer. Rein made his second three, and Kody Mead made a basket, the score 31-14.

After the half, Rein made two baskets, Mead made one and Kaleb Lickiss went 1 /2 from the line, the score 38- 26, the Mustangs staying in front.

The scores stayed fairly even with Rein making two baskets, a 3-Pointer and 2/2 from the line. Waters had a basket, Mead two free throws, Macksville gets a 51-38 win.

High scorers for the game was Waters with 24 points followed by Rein with 22 points.

In Friday’s game against the Indians, the Mustangs took an 11-9 lead starting out. Kaleb Lickiss led with two baskets and a free throw. Mead had two baskets, and Waters with a basket.

The game was tied going into the half at 33 All, and this time it was Macksville’s Travor Freeman with the hot hand canning two 3-Pointers, followed by Lickiss with two baskets and Rein with a basket.

The Indians went one point ahead in the third with Waters making two baskets and a free throw. Both Creed Parr and Lickiss made a basket. The score was Macksville 42, Larned 43.

The Indians took a six point lead, then two things happened. First there was a T. thrown at a Larned player, then evidently that inspired the Mustangs to not only shut down the Indians on offense from then on, the Macksville outscored the Indians 12 - 6, taking a 44-39 victory.

Against the Tigers “We played really well especially in the first half ” said Macksville Mustang head basketball coach Jeff Kuckelman. “We were very active on defense throughout the game and did a good job of holding them to one shot on a lot of possessions. We battled through some runs and got some key baskets in the second half when we needed them.”

Against Spearville, “We didn't play our best but ground out a win over a quality opponent. We need to finish better around the basket and that would help our shooting percentage. We also need to be able to knock down some outside shots. We defended and rebound- ed well and that helped get us the win.”

And against Larned, “We played hard and that allowed us to stay in the game until we got some execution down the stretch and found a way to win the game. We need to shoot better to help our offense. Our execution isn't where it needs to be but we are working on it. We just kept battling and finally got some things to go our way in crunch time.”

Jacob Rein was the Most-Valuable-Player at the Keady Tournament. Karson Waters and Kreed Parr made the All-Tournament team along with Rein.

The Mustangs will play at home against Stafford this Friday.