The St. John-Hudson Tigers boy's team dominated two Keady Basketball Classic games but fell to Macksville in the final.

It was a tough way to end Larned’s Keady Basketball Classic as the St. John-Hudson Tigers went down to defeat going up against the Macksville Mustangs 38-51 last Saturday evening.

It probably didn’t help that the Tigers breezed through their competition last Tuesday and Friday, defeating Kiowa-County 54-20, and on Friday pulling away from Hoisington 49-32.

But there’s just no time to lick the wounds with the Tigers having their next meeting with the Central Plains Oilers at home on Tuesday (At press time, the score was not available).

In the Championship final against the Mustangs, what could go wrong, did go wrong offensively.

Only two baskets were made, one by Eddie Calleros later in, and one by St. John’s 6’7” center Tanner Halling.

The score was the Tigers 4, Mustangs 13.

The second quarter didn’t get any better as Halling was 2/2 from the line and made a basket. Calleros made St. John’s first 3-pointer, Osborne 1/2 from the line, and Quincy Smith making a basket.

The Tigers fall farther behind at the half, the score St. John 14, Macksville 31.

St. John almost doubled their score in the third with Calleros making his second three, and a basket. Halling had a three the old fashion way making a basket and free throw. He also made another basket. Smith was 2/2 from the line.

The Tigers outscore the Mustangs by five, the score St. John, Macksville 26-38.

The scoring went back in the fourth with Smith going 1/2 from the line and making a basket. Halling made three baskets, and Osborne made St. John’s third, 3-pointer.

St. John gets their first loss of the early season 38-51.

“I didn't think we competed very hard in the first half and Macksville came to play” said St. John’s head coach Clint Kinnamon. “We played soft the entire half. Our conversion was non-existent” said St. John’s head coach Clint Kinnamon. They got every 50/50 ball. We were out-played, outworked and out coached the first half. Congrats to Macksville on winning the champi- onship.

“The second half we came out and competed...we still couldn't make any of the open shots we had, but at least we played hard. I was happy with how we responded at the half.

“We were the ones get- ting to most 50/50's and played much harder defensively. We had it cut back to a manageable number and had a couple of really tough calls that killed our momentum,” Kinnamon said.

“Chase (Fisher) should be able to start up practicing again and hopefully playing this week. Any time you lose an all-state player like Chase, others have to pick up the scoring and we just didn't get it done against Macksville. We'll learn from it and it may actually help us in some ways down the road. It's a long season and loss- es early in the year aren't near as big as they are late. We'd much rather be short-handed now rather than in late February and March,” Kinnamon said.

Quincy Smith and Tanner Holling made the All-Tournament Team.