Great Bend Pilot Club is organizing an autism workshop for April 7, along with support from Pratt Pilot Club members.

Pratt Pilot Club members are actively involved in many projects of their own, including plans for an inclusive playground funded by a $5,000 grant from Pilot International Foundation. But when the nearby Great Bend Pilot Club asked for help in securing and organizing an autism workshop with a similar $5,000 grant, they stepped right up to help.
"When we sat down and talked about autism and how many children it affects, it seemed like everyone knew someone, family, school teacher, nurse or friend who deals with disorder every day," said Faye Kuhn, Pratt Pilot Club member and local coordinator for the autism workshop at Great Bend. "Manhattan had done a workshop like this in the past and when Great Bend asked for our support to do one in this area as well, we were happy to help."
On Saturday, April 7, 2018 the Great Bend Pilot Club will host an Autism Spectrum Disorders Workshop at the Barton County Community College. Panel members will present workshops on early intervention, distance technology, disability training and more. One of the presenters will be Pratt Pilot Club member Bekki Pribil, who is also the Executive Director of South Central Community Foundation. She and her husband have five children, the youngest of whom has Down's syndrome, autism, and epilepsy.
"Bekki is our biggest contribution to the workshops, but we also have members who will be helping with registration, introducing speakers and serving as room monitors," Kuhn said. "Then we are also signing up to bring a lot of cookies."
The Great Bend group hopes to sign up 150 participants for the April 7 autism workshops and will need a lot of cookies, but Kuhn said her group is ready and willing.
Parents, grandparents, baby-sitters, caregivers, educators, professionals and those diagnosed with autism or even teenagers who have an interest are invited to register for the conference. Online payments and registration can be made at www.greatbendpilotclub. Or email for more information.
Characteristics of autism include challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, difficulties with speech or non-verbal communication and unique strengths or differences.
The motto of Pilot International is to "Do More. Care More. Be More."