Francisco Javier Saenz-Aguirre, 18 of Stafford County, was not injured after he lost control of a 1996 Ford Explorer at the intersection of NE 80th Street and NE 20th Avenue in Pratt County on March 25. The rear quarter panel on the driver's side struck a power pole then the vehicle came to a stop on the passenger side in a field.

A Stafford County man escaped injury following a one-vehicle accident in Pratt County early sunday morning, March 25.

The accident occurred when Francisco Javier Saenz-Aguirre, 18 of Stafford County, was eastbound on NE 80th Street in a 1996 Ford Explorer. At the intersection of NE 20th Avenue and 80th Street, Saenz-Aguirre lost control of the vehicle, it clipped the driver's side rear quarter panel on a power pole then rolled onto the passenger side in a field on the southeast corner of the intersection. Saenz-Aguirre got out of the vehicle and walked to residences looking for assistance. A resident in the area contacted the Law Enforcement Center about a suspicious male who came to her door then walked away across a field.

Sheriff's Deputy Tate Rosenbaum eventually discovered the accident and made contact with Saenz-Aguirre. Kansas Highway Patrol Master Trooper Crump said Saenz-Aguirre had a high blood alcohol content and he was arrested for DUI. He was also arrested for purchase and consumption of alcoholic liquor by a minor and failing to report an accident. As of 1 p.m. on March 25, he was in the Pratt County Jail on an $850 Bond.

Crump said the exact time of the accident was unclear but he estimated it may have happened after midnight.

Rosenbaum said the exhaust pipe on the vehicle was cold up to the engine so it had been in the field for some time before the accident was discovered.