Nancy Clark makes it her job to keep the Stafford County Road Side Park clean and and the grounds well maintained for travelers on U.S. 50.

It's a nice, quiet little park and a good place to stop and rest for drivers on U.S. 50. The Stafford County Road Side Park is located two miles east of the intersection of U.S. 50 and U.S. 281.

St. John resident Nancy Clark has taken this park under her wing and she makes sure it is always ready for travelers both day and night.

Clark saw a sign from Southwest Janitorial advertising for help to provide maintenance for the park. Clark decided she would take on this project and has been cleaning and caring for the park since October 2015.

Clark does a wide variety of jobs to keep the park ready to accommodate travelers as they pause on their journeys. She keeps the buildings clean, mows the grass, trims the trees, does weed eating, does ice and snow removal and whatever else needs to be done.

Southwest Janitorial provides the equipment and everything she needs to help keep the park in good shape.

Clark gets paid to do her job but she does a lot more than what is required and she wouldn't have it any other way. During the summertime, she will put in 40 hours a week at the park and some days spend 10 to 12 hours making sure everything is just right for travelers.

"I dedicate a lot of extra hours on my own," Clark said. "I want to make sure the park looks nice."

Maintaining the park has allowed Clark to be outdoors and meet people, two things she loves to do.

"I love people and I love being outside. There's no place I'd rather be," Clark said. "I've met a lot of wonderful people out there."

Clark doesn't let the fact that she works more hours then she is paid stop her from doing her job no matter what time something needs to be done. She is on the job seven days a week and likes to get the cleaning done and everything sanitized before 8:30 a.m. when the commuters head to their destinations.

She has gotten calls at midnight and even 3 a.m. about an issue at the park. If a toilet is plugged up in the middle of the night, it's easier for her to go take care of it then to make sure its available for travelers no matter what time the stop at the park. She makes sure everything is clean and presentable to the public.

There are grass and trees and a barbecue grill for motorists and people camp out at the park. Clark loves to keep everything in good shape and ready. There are some bare spots in the lawn and Clark wants to put in come grass seed to get the lawn looking good.

Besides taking care of the park, Clark has assisted people who have broken down and need their car fixed. There were some young ladies passing through and a window in their car had fallen down inside the door. The window wouldn't go up and the weather was cold. They had run out of money but Clark helped them get to Stafford and get their window fixed.

"I would love to keep doing this. It's rewarding to me. I meet a lot of people and I love the outdoors," Clark said.

For the travelers, the park is a friendly, clean place to stop and rest on their individual journeys. Clark's efforts to keep the park in good sharpe are appreciated.

"I've had lots of comments," Clark said.