Railer soccer

squad wins

SALINA — The Newton High School girls’ soccer team claimed its second straight shutout win, stopping Salina Central 3-0 Tuesday in AV-CTL I play at Salina District Stadium.

Newton opened the scoring with a goal by Izzy Saenz with an assist from Aspen Olson. Kenzi Gillispie scored in the second half with an assist from Saenz. Legacy Victorio-Coto capped off the scoring with an assist from Olson.

Newton improves to 5-4, 1-0 in AV-CTL I play. Newton hosts McPherson at 6:30 p.m. Thursday.

JUNIOR VARSITY — The Newton junior varsity claimed a 2-0 win over Salina Central. Aketzali Solorio and Salma Chavez each scored a goal. Alejandra Hernandez and Chavez each had an assist.

Newton hosts McPherson at 5 p.m. Thursday.

Newton swimmers

fifth at West

WICHITA — The Newton High School girls’ swimming team finished fifth out of 11 teams Saturday at the Wichita West Invitational.

Kapaun-Mt. Carmel won the meet with 496 points, followed by Maize South at 358, Maize at 262, Emporia at 234, Newton at 221, Wichita Northwest at 185, Wichita West at 105, Liberal at 88, Wichita South at 80, Wichita Southeast at 44 and Wichita North at 26.

Benedetta Biondi took second in the 100-yard butterfly in 1:04.07, followed by Jaden Anton in third in 1:08.50. Biondi took third in the 100-yard backstroke in 1:04.99.

The team of Libby Crawford, Anton, Biondi and Annika Senn finished third in the 200-yard medley relay in 2:08.01. The team of Biondi, Crawford, Anton and Senn took third in the 400-yard freestyle relay in 4:11.18.

Senn took fourth in the 100-yard freestyle in 59.82.

Newton competes Friday at the El Dorado Invitational.

Wichita West Inv.


Newton results


Team scores — Kapaun-Mt. Carmel 496, Maize South 358, Maize 262, Emporia 234, Newton 221, Wichita Northwest 185, Wichita West 105, Liberal 88, Wichita South 80, Wichita Southeast 44, Wichita North 26.

200-yd. medley relay — 3. Newton A (Crawford, Anton, Biondi, Senn) 2:08.01, Newton B (A.Penner, Canete Molero, Nelson, James) 2:41.58-x.

200-yd. freestyle — 9. Siemens 2:29.95, 15. E. Penner 2:49.88, 18. Smith 2:58.98.

200-yd. individual medley — 5. Anton 2:32.08, 6. Senn 2:32.93. 14. Crawford 2:52.89.

50-yd. freestyle — 14. A.Hatch 31.35, 16. E.Penner 32.16, 20. Canete Molero 34.16. Newton exhibitions: Nelson 35.52, Rogers 39.90, Grant 42.41.

100-yd. butterfly — 2. Biondi 1:04.07, 3. Anton 1:08.50.

100-yd. freestylye — 4. Senn 59.82, 15. Crawford 1:09.53, 17. A.Hatch 1:10.18.

200-yd. freestyle relay — 6. Newton A (Hatch, E.Penner, Siemens, A.Penner) 2:03.64, Newton B (Canete Molero, Baldwin, Nelson, A.Hatch) 2:20.29-x, Newton C (Rogers, James, Grant, Smith) 2:41.53-x.

100-yd. backstroke — 3. Biondi 1:04.99, 5. A.Penner 1:11.96, 17. Smith 1:31.73.

100-yd. breaststroke — 11. Baldwin 1:35.60, 18. Canete Molero 1:44.77.

400-yd. freestyle relay — 3. Newton A (Biondi, Crawford, Anton, Senn) 4:11.18, Newton B (A.Hatch, K.Hatch, Nelson, Siemens) 5:08.44-x.

Hesston third

at Hillsboro

HILLSBORO — The Hesston High School tennis team tied for third Tuesday at the six-team Hillsboro Invitational.

Wichita Trinity Academy won at 50 points, followed by Pratt at 40, Hesston, Hillsboro and Salina Sacred Heart at 20 and Neodesha at zero.

Hesston sent its reserves into the tournament.

At first singles, Ethan Moran finished fifth at 1-2. At second singles, Cedon Yoder finished fifth at 1-2.

At first doubles, Cole Deutschendorf and Will Rizza finished third at 2-1. At second doubles, Ben Bollenger and Josh Leinbach finished third at 2-1.

Hesston competes Saturday at the Wichita Collegiate Tournament of Champions.

Hillsboro Inv.


Team scores — Wichita Trinity Academy 50, Pratt 40, Hesston 20, Hillsboro 20, Salina Sacred Heart 20, Neodesha 0.

Hesston results

First singles — 5. Ethan Moran (1-2): L Palen SSH 8-3, L Majors WTA 8-0, 5th: W Peck Neo. 8-4.

Second singles — 5. Cedon Yoder (1-2): L Rash WTA 8-0, L Mosher SSH 8-3, 5th. L Garcia Neo. 8-2.

First doubles — 3. Cole Deutschendorf-Will Rizza (2-1): L Krewier-Weimer WTA 8-3, W Leners-Skidmore SSH 8-5, 3rd: W Wiens-Klein Hil. 8-0.

Second doubles — 3. Ben Bollenger-Josh Leinbach (2-1): L Pennington-Vigilius WTA 8-1, W Le-Weiss SSH 8-0, 3rd. W Bartel-Unruh Hil. 8-6.