On Tuesday evening, the McPherson Public Library hosted its second-annual Copcake Day to allow young people to get to know McPherson’s police officers.

Officers and kids who visited the library, at 214 W. Marlin St., built extravagant cupcakes and shared many laughs together.

“We were invited by the library to do this. We did this last year, to help build relationships with youth in our community, to have interactions with kids and to build cupcakes for fun,” said Mark Brink, executive sergeant and public information officer at McPherson’s police department.

“Hopefully what they get out of it is ‘Yes, we’re officers, but we’re normal people, too.’ They can have conversations with us and we don’t want people to be afraid of us. We’re here to help.”

Jennifer McCulley, McPherson Public Library’s children and youth services coordinator, said she hopes to continue the event.

“I hope we get more teens in for conversations and free cupcakes,” she said.