If you did a double-take when you looked at the cover of The Hutchinson News this morning, thank you. That’s the reaction we were hoping to get.

We wanted to call attention to the community production this weekend of “Fiddler on the Roof” at the Fox Theater.

As director Charles Johnston said, our city could well be the mythical Anatevka portrayed in the classic musical. It’s a time of uncertainty and upheaval, yet the characters find a reason to love.

We in Hutchinson need the spirit of Anatevka right now. We’ve watched our economy struggle to depths not seen in decades. People are understandably frustrated. I mean, would the State Fair really leave here? That was a real question just a few weeks ago.

Then comes Stage 9 and the Hutchinson Symphony in a historic collaboration at the Fox, one of the most beautiful theaters in the country. That’s not our opinion, that’s according to Architectural Digest.

It’s the first time in Stage 9’s 102-year history that it has embarked on a production of this kind with the symphony. And think about it, just for a moment -- Hutchinson is a city of 42,000, and it has a symphony orchestra. Think about that for a bit.

The cast draws talent not only from the best theatrical talent in Hutchinson but from across the area. Cast members have driven an hour or so to rehearse for hours each night -- for these three performances.

It was funded with help from the Hutchinson Community Foundation.

Sure, Hutchinson has weathered some hard times, but we can see positive news start to take place. Jobs are beginning to return. We have world-class tourist attractions, like the Cosmosphere and Strataca. We have one of the best golf courses in the country. And we have a century-old community theater and a symphony orchestra.

We have many reasons to be proud of Hutchinson. This effort is one of them.

As we witness this production of “Fiddler on the Roof,” let’s pause to consider the work that brought it to such a grand stage. This is not happening in New York, or Chicago or Kansas City. This is happening in Hutchinson with local, homegrown talent.

That in itself is worthy of front-page news.

Welcome to Anatevka.

Ron Sylvester is editor of The Hutchinson News. Reach him at rsylvester@hutchnews.com or @rsylvester on Twitter.