The Macksville Mustangs took two victories over bigger schools at Barton County Community College basketball summer league.

Going up against two larger schools, the 2A Macksville Mustangs defeated the 4A Larned Indians 43-34, and then had another hurdle to go over as they defeated the 5A Great Bend Panthers in a close one 38-35 a week ago last Monday at the BCCC main gym.

Macksville’s Kaleb Lickiss started things out going 1/2 from the line, followed by Karson Waters going in for a layup, the score tied 3-3.

The Mustangs started to pull away, first by Kody Mead’s basket underneath, then another basket by Lickiss, followed my Mead going 2/2 from the line, the score 11-4 in Macksville’s favor.

Macksville’s Simon Acosta made two baskets, increasing the Mustangs lead 15-6.

While the Indians narrowed the score with ten points, Macksville’s Grant Frink came through scoring two baskets, the Mustangs leads 19-14.

The bookends (Waters and Lickiss) came through again as Waters made a basket, and Lickiss went 1/2 from the line, the score 22-14. A long three by the Indians brought the score going into the half, Macksville 22-Larned 17.

Starting the second half Larned scored five points to Macksville’s two, a basket underneath by Mead, and the score 24-22.

The Mustangs widened their lead with Lickiss going 1/2 from the line and made a basket. Add to that, that a 3-Pointer by Frink, a free throw by Waters, and Mead making a basket - in all, the Mustangs out-scoring the Indians 11-0. The Mustangs lead 33-22.

Waters then made an old-fashioned three, making the basket and the free throw.

Then everything went topside turvy as the Indians scored 10 straight, the score Macksville 37-Larned 34.

The Mustangs finished things out with Frink going 2/2 from the line, Waters also going 2/2 and he caped it with a basket. The Mustangs defeat the Larned Indians 43-34.

Lickiss started scoring first as the Macksville Mustangs ran up against the Great Bend Panthers in the second game. The Mustangs started out leading 2-0 with a basket by Lickiss, and even though Waters scored another basket, the Panthers took a 4-8 lead. The Mustangs tried to play catch up as Lickiss and Waters each made a basket, the score 8-10. A basket by Mead tied things up 10-10, then the Mustangs went ahead on another basket by Mead 12-10. While Darien Miller made a basket, the Panthers made two baskets, once again the game tied 14-14.

The game kept on staying close as Waters made another basket and Mead made a free throw, the score 17-14 in Macksville’s favor.

The last scoring for the half came from the Panthers scoring another basket, the half ending with the Mustangs still ahead by one. 17-16.

Miller scored the first five points starting the second half. The Mustangs lead 22-16.

Waters went 2/2 from the line, while Frink canned a 3-Pointer, the score 27-21. After a serge buy the Panthers, if it weren’t for Waters free throw, the game would have been tied, the score Macksville 30, Great Bend 29.

Both teams tied twice, 32-32 and 34-34. At one time the Panthers were leading 34-35.

In the final moments the Mustangs out-shot the Panthers 4-0 to win the game 38-35.

Others scoring close to the end were Lickiss and Waters each making a basket. Waters last score was another old fashioned three.