Young entrepreneur appreciates community support with three home-based businesses.

When he was only a junior in high school, Esai Macias began doing lawn and landscaping work around the town of St. John. With community support he eventually started his own business while still in high school at USD 350.

As word got around about his lawn and landscaping business, he started garnering even more community support that would help lay the foundation for his future success as a self-starter and business owner.

Now, six years later at the age of 23, Macias owns and operates three self-started businesses all located in St. John: Macias Construction, Macias Lawn and Landscaping and as of March, Macias started a new business— Central Plains Roofing Inc.
He employs several people through his companies and while he mainly provides services to people locally in St. John, Stafford, Macksville and Hudson, he also works outside the area, hoping to eventually have an even greater presence in Pratt County, Barton County and Reno County.

At the age of four, Macias and his family moved from the panhandle of Texas to Kansas and have called St. John home ever since, so Macias said he is thankful to be part of such a supportive community.

Receiving his first loan from his mother while still in high school, he bought a riding lawn mower from a local pawn shop and paid his mother back soon after.

“From there, I just started saving up money,” Macias said. “The community support was everything and it all really came together.”
As more and more satisfied customers spread the word about his services and people chose to continue hiring him for future projects, Macias was able to purchase better equipment provide free, no-obligation quotes, and offer more complex services in concrete, siding, landscaping, renovations, fencing, roofing and metal building.

Lately, Macias said that he has been focusing the majority of his time and energy on training employees for his roofing and construction companies, though he still does some lawn and landscaping work.

“We have about 20 yards we do and with the landscaping, we actually started cutting back on that some because I’m trying to focus on training guys at the other two businesses but we still do about 20 yards,” Macias said.

In the near future, Macias said he plans to secure an office and a shop so he can have a more permanent and accessible location for when he starts to expand his businesses to surrounding areas.

“We do plan on sticking around, and I do want to eventually start growing it,” Macias said.