St. John-Hudson High School prepares for the first day of school with new changes and class updates.

Last week was a busy week of enrolling students for the new school year at St. John-Hudson High School according to high school principal Blain White. But this year, as classes get started, it will pretty much be business as usual, with just a few class changes as students and teachers settle in the routine.

One of these changes includes the addition of an advanced robotics class that students would have the opportunity join as well as participating in a competition where they could try out the projects they had been working on throughout the class.

“The robotics competition, I believe will be in January or February,” White said. “That’s an extra-curricular and co-curricular thing that’s going on right now.”

Last year, the school offered several classes with projects that extended beyond just the school in order to connect students with the community.

Two classes that included opportunities for students to engage with the community were an Environmental Resources class which allowed students to raise quail and host a quail-run event as well as an applied business class in which USD 350 worked in conjunction with Lucille Hall Museum to teach students how to run and operate a real pizza place—Tiger Town Pizza.

“We’re kind of continuing on with those types of things—we will have the quail run again in our Environmental Resources class and the applied business class that helped set up the pizza place here in town will—we won’t have that class specifically, but some of our teachers will work with the pizza place,” said White.

With enrollment wrapping up as the new school year begins, White said the school had a good turnout for enrollment but is still waiting for a few more students to get enrolled.

“We do have several new students,” White said. “We have a couple students who have gone out of district, so I’d say right now we’re pretty even.”