St. John-Hudson has implemented a new security system in the school district, designed to provide even more protection in the case of emergency.

The St. John-Hudson USD 350 school district has implemented a new security system to keep students, faculty and staff safe in the case of an emergency.

The new security system is called SafeDefend and it has already been installed and discussed in several other school districts in the area.

Superintendent, Josh Meyer, said the district has looked into getting the security system before, but the decision to actually install the system was not made until last spring when the SafeDefend company gave a presentation over the security features to the district.

“It’s a system where there is a safe in every classroom, in all areas of the building,” Meyer said. “[The safes are] opened by the swipe of a fingerprint, so all of the staff members have their fingerprints programmed into the system and whenever someone opens the safe, it immediately sounds an alarm in the building and sends a text message and e-mail to all staff members that a box has been opened and where that safe is so everyone knows the immediate lo- cation of the threat.”

The boxes contain defensive items like batons and pepper spray as well as first-aid equipment in the case of a medical emergency; When the boxes are opened, law enforcement and dispatch are immediately notified.

“I hope it’s not necessary—I hope it’s an investment that we’ve completely wasted our money on,” Meyer said. “We try to make sure our kids are safe from any threat. We hate to think about it but we do have to do our best to keep them safe.”

The system has already been implemented and was in place for the first day of school.

In the past, Meyer said the district has done a lot of work with video surveillance, controlled-entryways, crisis plans and visitor check-ins but this security system will provide an additional way to protect students, faculty and staff.

“Staff was trained on the system [as well as] school safety and security right before school started,” Meyer said.

All of the buildings on campus have the system, including the early education building and library.

“On our website--on the home page--there’s a link for school safety,” Meyer said. “It just has some things that we’ve done—and then, there’s a link to an information sheet for parents about this SafeDefend system for more information.”