Some roads in Stafford County were covered with water from a storm that dropped at least 4.3 inches in parts of the county.

South Central Kansas received a heavy dose of rain as system brought some big amounts late Sunday and early Monday. In Stafford County, heaviest rainfall amounts were recorded in the southeast part of the county with 4.31 inches, said Kelly Sugdon, Dodge City National Weather Service meteorologist.

Other amounts in the county ranged from 2.37 inches in the northern part of the county and 1.5 inches west of Stafford.

Phillip Nusser, Stafford County road supervisor and emergency manager

director, said most of the township roads have some water on them but nothing that would cause a problem. There were some issues in the southeast corner of the county but that was usual from a heavy rain, Nusser said.

Some water did get over a blacktop south of Stafford but, again, it was not a problem.

To the south, in Pratt County, there was heavy flooding along the Ninnescah River especially in Pratt but nothing even close to that happened in Stafford County.

“We were very fortunate,” Nusser said.

Road flooding was also reported in Kiowa County near Mullinville and in the eastern part of that county on Labor Day. Water was four feet deep over U.S. 54 in Mullinville.

Sudgon said a very moist weather pattern is drawing moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. The atmosphere is saturated with moisture and its about as wet as the atmosphere can get. It’s way above the usual amount of moisture in the air. The result is a system that makes lots of precipitation.

“This system has become a very efficient rain producer,” Sugdon said. “We’re just going to have a lot of storms.”

A big ridge of pressure that is normally over the central plains is hanging out over the East Coast and holding the system in place here. As long as this system is in place, it will continue to bring moisture up out of the Gulf of Mexico. There will be scattered storms through the area through the week and temperatures will be lower than normal for this time of year. Several inches could fall in isolated areas but nothing like the widespread heavy rain that hit the area on Monday, Sugdon said.

But the area is in for a change. That pressure system on the East Coast should move on out and dry weather should return to south central Kansas this weekend along with some higher temperatures, Sugdon said.