Macksville cross country girls took third and the boys took fourth at the Skyline Invitational cross country event.

Most of last Saturday morning, ten teams from 1-4A competed in the Skyline Invitation Cross-Country Meet held on Skyline’s school grounds. The conditions were: fair footing, 72 degrees at the start with some mist throw in.

Competing in 2A, the Macksville gals overall placed third, while the gents placed sixth.

“We had a nice day to run, even though it was a bit wet” said Macksville’s cross country coach Mike Hullman. “We started the meet in the right way, with all four of our JV runners earning medals. Abigail and Krystal both had great races while placing first and second. And it was nice to see our ladies place third as a team in the varsity race.

“We are still running some great splits for our first mile, but then we start to fade in our second and third miles. Those last two miles make our overall average just too high. We’ll need to keep working on that mileage and push it towards the end of our workouts. We didn’t get to run hills so far, but doing that now in practice will certainly help us in seeing those hillier race courses coming up. We know what we need to do, and we’ll get back to it during our upcoming workouts. We need to be more confident in our running.”

Girls Varsity Race

Itzel Garcia, 12th place, 24:54.

Lydia Mendez, 16th place, 26.38.

Kaylee Hottovy, 24th place, 29.30.

Caren Holguin, 26th place, 29.52.

Anna Suiter, 27th place, 30.28.

Girls JV Race

Abigail Ibarra, 1st place, 24:44.

Krystal Marquez, 2nd place, 27.05.

Karen Hall, 7th place, 29.35.

Kiley Blevins, 9th place, 31.02.

Elena Huckelman, 11th place, 36.56.

Team place 3rd, Team Points 64, Top five 7 +10 + 14+16+17.

Boys Varsity Race

Jacob Suiter, 28th place, 20.40.

Andrew Cross, 30th place, 20.55.

Gabe Wolff, 34th place, 21.12.

Trey Britton, 40th place, 22.58.

Grant Frink, 47th place, 24.18.

Boys JV Race:

Kyler Evans, 4th place, 22.14.

Jesus Ibarra, 6th place, 23.30.

Harley Blaske, 13th place, 25.45.

Alex Mendez, 18th place, 26.44.

Thoran Cross, 20th place, 28.02.

Team place sixth, Team Points 150 points, Top five 23+25+29+34+39.

In their next meet, the Running Mustangs will be at the Stafford golf course. The meet starts at 4:30.