The St. John-Hudson Tigers were blanked by Ness City in a 54-0 loss.

Like relentless rain that brings a flood, St. John-Hudson was washed over by Ness City on Sept. 14 as the Eagles blanked the Tigers 54-0.

Tigers football coach Mike Simpson knew he was going up against a much stronger team when they headed to Ness City on their homecoming.

"Ness City has a really nice football team. We were beaten by a better team," Simpson said. "We could have played a perfect game and we would have gotten beat. I think Ness City will be in the final four of eight man football."

As the Tigers continue through the season, their goal is to get better each week. They have worked on improving blocking, tackling and getting better at executing plays, Simpson said.

There was improvement from the first two games. The players blocked better and tackled better. They did what they were asked to do and got better. They will continue to get better as the year goes along, Simpson said.

"The boys did what we asked them to do. They worked on the things we wanted. If they continue to do that, it will put them at a higher level," Simpson said. "We just want to be better and we will continue to work on it."

St. John-Hudson's next game is with Macksville at Macksville. Simpson said the Mustangs have a good football team and a couple of really good players. The have good football IQ and they play really hard.

When the Tigers square up against the Mustangs, the Tigers goals will be to get better as a team and continue to do that throughout the season.

"We will continue improving our football IQ and hopefully get better on the way," Simpson said. "The wins and losses don't matter. All we can do is take care of us."

St. John-Hudson is 0-3 on the season after suffering loses to Kinsley (36-24), Medicine Lodge (60-14), Ness City (54-0).