The St. John-Hudson Lady Tigers captured a second place finish at the Stafford Quad with game victories over the Burrton Chargers and the Stafford Trojans.

The St. John-Hudson Lady Tigers wound up in second after the Stafford Quad last Tuesday. First the Tigers defeated the Burrton Chargers 26-24, 25-9, then lost a tough one to Macksville 20-25, 17-25. The Lady Tigers got their second win by defeating the Stafford Trojans 25-16, 25-14.

As a Macksville fan said setting nearby before the game started, “I think this is going to be the Big One”. And he was so right, that is if you were a Macksville fan.

However it certainly didn't start that way. After the game was tied 1-1, the Tigers broke away, taking the next six volleys - the score 7-1, thanks to St. John’s Jackie Rios’s two straight aces.

After Macksville scored the next volley, the Tigers scored three, forcing Macksville’s head coach Jennifer Gillespie to call timeout, the Tigers leading 10-2. Again as the Lady Stangs scored one more, the Lady Tigers scored three more, the score 13-3. The score stayed in St. John's favor, between 8-10 points. Slowly, Macksville started narrowing St. John's lead.

With the score 17-11, St. John’s head coach Trish Wade called her first timeout. The Tigers tried, but could not stop the Stangs momentum, as St. John’s lead went down to 17-15. Wade called her second timeout, the score tied at 17-17, 18-18. The Stangs scored the next five points, the score 18-23. The Tigers lose the set 20-25.

After a 3-3 tie in the second set, Macksville led 3-7. The Tigers got within two 8-10. Macksville’s lead stayed within 3-4 points. When Macksville added one more point, Coach Wade called timeout, the score St. John 11-Macksville 16. The Mustangs kept on increasing their lead and won the second set 17-25 and the match.

In the first set against Burrton, the Lady Tigers came close to losing. There were six ties almost halfway through. During all that, St. John’s Paige Doran had two aces and Kimbra Downling served up two more. The set was tied again at 8-8 and 9-9 when the Chargers took the lead until the Tigers narrowed it to two points 16- 18 on Darby Smith’s Ace. Coach Wade called a timeout as Burrton’s lead expanded 16-21. The difference stayed between two or three points until the Chargers were at two set points 22-24 and 23-24. After another tie 24- 24, and this time it was the Lady Tigers going to set point 25-24 and finished business winning the first set 26-24.

After being behind early on, St. John’s Kimbra Dowling’s ace tied things up 6-6. From then on the Lady Tigers pulled away and won the second set 25-9 and the match.

It wasn’t pretty as the Lady Tigers got their second win, this time over the Stafford Trojans. With Rios serving two aces at 13-10, 14-10, the Tigers started pulling way with Paige Doran two aces. St. John wins the first set 25- 16, and the second set 25-14, and the match.

The Tigers next jaunt is this Saturday at Hoisington. The meet starts at 9 a.m.