The Macksville cross country team faced challenges of a tough course, temperature, humidity and strong winds at the Larned Invitational.

A fairly large group of runners consisting of 20 teams, from 1A on up to 4A high schools competed at the Larned Invitation last Thursday at the Larned Country Club Golf Course. And it certainly was challenge with some hills thrown in to make things interesting.

“What a miserable day to run one of toughest courses we’ll run on this season,” said Macksville’s cross-country coach Mike Hullman. “The weather conditions (temperatures, humidity and strong south winds) made for a challenging day. The times showed that our runners were not only battling the weather, but the tough course that ran much longer this season than previous season.”

Hullman continued saying, “We are starting to get further along with our conditioning and it’s showing with us doing much better on our second mile splits. We still need to be able to finish off our races with some lower splits. This will come with workouts that we have planned for the following couple of weeks. It’s nice to see that we are still challenging ourselves and pushing harder as we move throughout our season. Now is the time to really focus.”

Junior-Senior Girls Race.

Itzel Garcia, 15th place, 25:10.

Lydia Mendiz, 25th, 27:38.

Caren Holguin, 30th place, 30:32.

Kaylee Hottovy, 31st place, 30:42.

Christine Garza, 37th place, 32:06.

Kiley Blevins, 42nd place, 35:36.

Elena Kuckelman, 44th place, 40:10.

Fresh-Sophomore Girls Race.

Abigail Ibarra, 10th place, 36:34.

Karen Hall, 20th place, 31:02.

Anna Suiter, 22nd place, 31:14.

Krystal Marquez, 28th place, 33:02.

Team Averages 28, Times 31:15.

Team Place – Fourth, Team Points – 51, Top (5) Team Places – 6 + 7 +12 + 13 + 13.

Junior-Senior Boys Race.

Jacob Suiter, 21st place, 20:58.

Gabe Wolff, 22nd place, 21:25.

Andrew Cross, 27th place, 22:25.

Trey Britton, 35th place, 23:50.

Grant Frick, 43rd place, 24:45.

Harley Blaske, 47th place, 25:45.

Fresh-Sophomore Boys Race.

Kyler Evans, 28th place, 23:30.

Thoran Cross 45th place, 27:55.

Alex Mendez, 46th place, 28:25.

Team Averages 34, Times 24:15.

Team Place – Seventh, Team Points – 110, Top (5) team Places – 18 + 19 + 23 + 23 + 27.