The St. John-Hudson Tigers volleyball team had a tough week in two tournaments.

It was not a good week for the St. John-Hudson Lady Tigers volleyball team, taking five straight loses at the Hoisington Cardinal Volleyball Classic last Saturday. And then earlier on Tuesday, losing two more at the Macksville Tri.

At Hoisington, the Lady Tigers first lost was to the Central Plains Oilers 19- 25, 11-25, and then to the Cardinals 25-27, 15-25. Next in line came the Smith Center Reds, a formidable team that defeated the Tigers 4-25, 21-25.

In the first afternoon game, it turned out to be one of those “could have, should have ones.” But it didn’t turn out that way as the Otis-Bison Cougars defeated the Tigers 23- 25, 19-25. Going into the final match, the Phillipsburg Panthers won it in a closely tight match, St. John losing it 19-25, 22- 25. Except for Smith Center, the Tigers were capable of defeating four of these teams.

The same applied at the Macksville Tri., the Tigers first losing to the Ellinwood Eagles 20-25, 12-25-25, and then to the rival Lady Stangs 20-25, 22-25 in a hard fought match.

The outcomes at the Hoisington Meet could have been different, but the St. John Ladies had difficulties in closing several sets. Unforced errors, such as serving into the net, especially in the later stages, doomed the Tigers.

Then going from the frying pan into the fire, the 1A Tigers will have their toughest week so far when they travel to Great Bend this Saturday, featuring the 5A Great Bend Panthers in the first round, starting at 9 a.m. One hour later the Lady Tigers will face off against the 5A Salina Central Mustangs. At noon, the Tigers play the 4A Hays Indians.

Featuring one of the largest schools in 6A, the Tigers will then play a team they’ve met this summer, the Hutchinson Salthawks, followed once again by the 3A Phillipsburg Panthers in the final match.

This will be the last season that the Lady Tigers play in the Great Bend Tournament. While mostly everything stays the same, St. John’s head Coach Trish Wade has already added a quad to St. John’s schedule and is in the process of adding another Tri.

Rearranging the Tigers schedule is partly due to numbers. Back in the early seventies, St. John-Hudson had 200 students in high school. Today the enrollment is around 100.