The Macksville Mustangs took a hard fought game to the Moundridge Wildcats Sept. 28 and came away with a 34-18 victory.

In a hard, fought game where points were hard to come by, the Macksville Mustangs evened their record with two wins and two losses after defeating the Moundridge Wildcats 34-18 on a cold, blustery evening last Friday at Moundridge.

Going by quarters, the Mustangs led 6-0 after one, stretched it to 14 at the half while blanking the Wildcats. Points were still hard to come by in the second half. In the third, the teams countered each other as the Wildcats came back, scoring two touchdowns. But the Mustangs did so too, not only scoring two touchdowns, but adding two extra points, the score going into the final quarter with the Mustangs leading 28-12. The fourth quarter evened out, as each team crossed the goal line, the final score, Macksville 34 — Moundridge 18.

“Tonight's game was a good test to us for grinding out four quarters of football” said Macksville’s head football coach Chet Skinner. “We played well on defense and were able to stop a good running game with Moundridge. A few players stepped up tonight and played a solid game. We rushed for over 250 yards and worked the clock in our favor to finish up the game. We look to keep the momentum alive for next week's home district game against Little River.



Darien Miller, 1 Carry, 3

yards, 3.0 avg., longest 3 yards.

Skyler Evans, 35 Carries, 187 yards, avg., Longest 25 yards, 2 touchdowns.

Kody Mead, 11 Carrie’s, 65 yards, avg., 5.9 yards, Longest 12 yards, 1 touchdown.


Tyler Bissel, 1 reception, 7 yards, 7.0 avg., longest 10 yards.

Miller, 2 receptions, 14 yards, 7.0 avg., longest 10 yards.

Karson Waters, 2 receptions, 27 yards, 13.5 avg., longest 21 yards, 1 touchdown.


Bissell, 5 tackles, 4 assists, total 9.

Zane Johnson, 12 tackles, 8 assists, total 20.

Miller, 1 tackle, 1 assist, total 2.

Evans, 6 tackles, 7 assists, total 13.

Mead, 1 tackle, 3 assists, total 4.

Waters, 5 tackles, 5 assists, total 10.

Harley Blaske, 13 tackles, total 13.

Kaleb Lickiss, 3 tackles, 3 assists, total 6.

Jonny Threlked, 1 assist, total 1.

Defensive Statistics.

Waters, 2 intercepts, 50 yards, 25.0 avg., 1 fumble.

Lickiss, 1 fumble. Points.

Evans, 12 points. Mead, 6 points. Waters, 30 points. Touchdowns.

Evans, 2. Mead, 1. Wates