The Macksville Mustangs got behind early and couldn't recover, suffering a 54-6 to the Little River Redskins.

The weather was nice, but It was not a good day for the 3-3 Macksville Mustangs as they went down to defeat against the 5-1 Little River Redskins 6-54, a game that was played earlier because of impending weather conditions, with lightning showing up from the north last Friday at Macksville.

The Mustangs were behind 6-14 after one quarter. From then on the Redskins did all the scoring, adding 18 points in the second quarter, and 22 points in the third. The game was called at that time.

Coming up next Friday, the Mustangs will play the Pratt-Skyline Thunderbirds, a team that has a 1-5 record which can be misleading, considering some of the strong teams in this district.

“Tonight was a rough game, we got physically beat down,” said Macksville head coach Chet Skinner. “We did not read our keys well and got beat over the top on a couple passes. Our tackling was less than impressive. We need to have a good week of practice and clean up these fixable mistakes. Next week we look to go to Skyline.”



Kody Mead, 8 completions, 16 attempts, yards 106, longest 45 yards, one interception, one touchdown.


Tyler Bissell, 1 carry, 2 yards, longest 2.

Darien Miller, 4 carries, 19 yards, longest 9.

Skyler Evans, 12 carries, longest 10.

Mead, 4 carries, -9 yards.


Miller, 2 receptions, 11 yards, Avg. 5.5, longest 6.

Evans, 2 receptions, 56 yards, Avg., 28.

Karson Waters, 4 receptions, 39 yards, Avg., 9.8, longest 17.

Total yards.

Bissell, 2 yards. Miller, 30 yards. Evans, 80 yards. Mead, 97 Yards. Waters, 39 yards.


Bissell, 3 tackles, 1 assist, total 4. Zane Johnson, 5 tackles, 5 assist, total 10. Evans. 6 tackles, total 6, TFL 1. Mead, 3 tackles, 1 assists, total 4, TFL 1. Waters, 7 tackles, 1 assist, total 8. Harley Blaske, 3 tackles, 3 assists, total 6.


Mead, 1, 3 yards.