The Macksville freshmen girls took first Abigail Ibarra at 21:55, fourth Krystal Marquez at 23:58 and fifth Karen Hall at 24:10 at the Sterling while the entire team set personal records.

After having an almost perfect day at Pratt, things got even better for the Macksville Running Mustang at the Sterling Cross Country Invitation held on Sterling’s golf course last Thursday, the running events starting at 10 a.m. and going on until 4 p.m.

Once again there was lots of competition, with 25 teams entered, ranging from 1A to 4A.The weather was just right for running, with a little mist cooling off the runners, along with good footing on inclines.

Macksville’s cross-country coach Mike Hullman was one happy guy, saying “What a meet we had today! We ran extremely well, and all our runners set new PR’s for the season. The conditions were great for running, a little cool with a little mist in the air. Our runners took full advantage of the weather conditions and a fast running course. We had several earn medals with the freshmen girls dominating the race. This amazing effort set us up well for the rest of the season.”

Hullman continued saying, “This will give us the confidence that we have been searching for. This showed what they can do when they challenge themselves. Some even said they should have given more. These were Great and Exciting times”!

Girls Varsity Race.

Itzel Garcia, 25th place, 21:58.

Lydia Mendez, 46th place, 23:52.

Caren Holguin, 62nd place, 25:58.

Kaylee Hottovy, 66th place, 26:35.

Christine Garza, 70th place, 2:30.

Girls JV. Race

Anna Suiter, 9th place, 26:58.

Kiley Blevins, 14th place, 29:45.

Elena Kuckelman, 15th place, 31:05.

Girls Freshmen Race.

Abigail Ibarra, 1st place, 21:55.

Krystal Marquez, 4th, place, 23:58.

Karen Hall, 5th place, 24:10.

Team Averages: 28th place, 25:45.

Team Place: 8th, Team points: 196, Top (5) Team Places:21+35+45+47 + 48.

Boys Varsity Race.

Gabe Wolff, 41st place, 18:50.

Jacob Suiter, 43rd place, 18:55.

Andrew Cross, 56th place, 16:20.

Trey Britton, 73rd place, 20:30.

Grant Frink, 87th place, 22:58.

Boys JV. Race.

Kyler Evans, 10th place, 20:20.

Harley Blaske, 32nd place, 23:25.

Boys Freshmen Race.

Alex Mendez, 13th place, 24:15.

Thoran Cross, 14th place, 25:20.

Team Averages: 42nd place, 21:30.

Team Place: 11th, Team points: 248, Top (5) Teams Places: 34 + 36 + 44+62 +73.