Leigh Roberts photographs are currently on display at the Ida Long Goodman Memorial Library in St. John through Oct. 26.

The images are vivid and colorful. Photos by Leigh Roberts are now on display in the Ida Long Goodman Library through Oct. 26.

Roberts loves nature and her photos are examples of her passion for the outdoors.

“I love anything that has to do with nature and is outdoors,” Roberts said.

Her photos of landscapes and animals reflect the beauty that exists in nature across Kansas. Many of her images are taken locally during her walks.

“Nature is serene and peaceful for me,” Roberts said.

Her images are stark with bright, vivid colors. A lone cardinal sits in a snow covered grove of trees and its brilliant red feathers make a striking image.One of her favorite photos is of a grain elevator in Stafford, standing tall on Kansas prairie. Another is an old, weather worn building in a wheat field with the setting sun lighting up the building.

Roberts is relatively new to photography. She grew up in Virginia and moved to Kansas in the 1980s. She has been in the St. John area for about 20 years. When she and her husband Jay moved to the country, she had been an indoor person. But once she started living in the country, she saw the beauty in nature and wanted to capture it. Now, the outdoors is where she feels most comfortable.

“You can see so much out here. It’s so wide open,” said Roberts who considers herself an amateur photographer.

Roberts was thrilled when Laura Davis of the Goodman Library contacted her and wanted to put her works on display.

“It was quite and honor,” Roberts said.

Roberts and her husband Jay are pickers who like to travel around, collecting old items from various lo- cations. They also like to take in flea markets.

“We love to do picking. We have some of our things at Market 54 (in Pratt),” Roberts said.

Their travels gives Roberts a chance to see more of the outdoors and take more pictures.