The Lady Tigers got a pair of wins against Kinsley and La Crosse.

The St. John-Hudson Lady Tigers were one exited bunch as they came away defeating the Kinsley Coyotes 26-28, 25-15, 25-7, and the La Crosse Leopards 25-11, 25-9 last Tuesday at home.

While their first win over the Leopards wasn’t surprising, the final margin of victory over the Coyotes certainly was.

If the first set against the Coyotes was any indicator, this was going to be a real nail-biter, the Tigers losing the set 26-28, the set having 16 ties. Except at the beginning of the set, for much of the time the Tigers were ahead. Then things seesawed back and forth, the Lady Tigers having two set points, the Coyotes had one that led to Kinsley winning the first set.

Then the Tigers turned things up a notch or two in the second set, made fewer mistakes and led all the way, leaving the Coyotes with little wiggle-room for a comeback.

The Lady Tigers take the second set 25-15.

The combination of almost everything going right for the Tigers, and almost everything going wrong for the Coyotes resulted in a bashing, the Tigers winning the third set 25-7 and the match.

There were six aces in that final set - two by Jackie Rios early on, and four by Darby Smith close to the end.

In the first match against the La Crosse Leopards, the sets went rather fast. Except for one tie (1-1) in the first set, the Lady Tigers built up a lead (8-2), increased it to 17-4, and it stayed that way to the end. St. John takes the set 25-11. During the set, Kimbra Dowling served up one ace early on.

Things didn’t go quite as expected in the second set as the Tigers fell behind 1-6, then regrouped. St. John holds the Leopards to just three points, taking the second set 25-9 and the match.

St. John’s next competition will be the Central Prairie League Tournament held at Kinsley on Saturday. The matches start at 9 a.m.

A few days later, St. John-Hudson will host the Volleyball Regional. The teams entered are Chase, Hutchinson Central Christian, Fairfield, Little River, Pretty Prairie, and Stafford and St. John. The top two teams advance on to Kiowa County’s Substate on Saturday, October 20th.