The Macksville Mustangs overcame a 36-0 deficit at halftime and scored 50 unanswered points in the second half to defeat Skyline 50-36.

The 4-3 Macksville Mustangs came back with a vengeance after being down 0-36 at the half against the Pratt-Skyline Thunderbirds. Then took charge of the field in the second half, scoring 50 straight points while allowing the Thunderbirds zero points, the Mustangs defeat Skyline and move on the next game against the undefeated Central Plains Oilers on Parents Night at home this Friday.

"When looking back at the game, a tale of two halves is what comes to mind” said Macksville’s head coach Chet Skinner. “We struggled to do the basic foundations of football, blocking, tackling, making reads and completing passes. We went into halftime, settled down and came out and score 50 in the second half. We played that second half with a great deal of emotion and energy. This victory helped us grab a spot in the new layout of the playoffs. We look to keep this momentum alive and play a good game against Central Plains."

Game Stats.


Kody Mead, 11 completions on 25 attempts for 238 yards and three touchdowns, longest 57 yards.


Darien Miller, one carry for eight yards, longest 8 yards.

Skyler Evans, five carries for four yards, longest four yards.

Mead, twenty carries for 33 yards, longest 14 yards, four touchdowns.

Karson Waters one carry for 34 yards, longest 34 yards.


Miller, two receptions for 73 yards, longest 50 yards, one touchdown.

Evans, three receptions for 11 yards, longest 9 yards.

Waters, six receptions for 139 yards, longest 57 yards, two touchdowns.

Luis Fuentes, one reception for 15 yards, longest 15 yards.

Total Yards.

Miller, 81 yards, Evans, 15 yards, Mead, 271 yards, Waters, 173 yards, Fuentes, 15 yards.


Zane Johnson, 9 tackles, 3 assists, total 12.

Miller, 3 tackles, 3 assists, total 6.

Evens, 6 tackles, total 6.

Mead, 6 tackles, 5 assists, total 11.

Waters, 6 tackles, 3 assists, total 9.

Cleven Huggins, 1 tackle, 1 assist.

Harley Blaske, 9 tackles, 4 assists, total 13.

Fluentes, 3 tackles, 4 assists, total 7.

Kaleb Lickiss, 9 tackles, 9 assists, total 18.

Kenly Hagen, 1 tackle, total 1.

Defensive Statistics.

Johnson, 1 PD. Miller, 1 int. Mead, 1 fumble Rec. Waters, 1 PD. Fluentes 1 Fum. Rec. Jonny Threlked, 1 Caus.


Miller 1, Mead 4, Waters 2.