St. John students take part in Disability Mentoring Day in Pratt.

Students got a glimpse into their future as they took part in Disability Mentoring Day in Pratt. Some 40 businesses in Pratt became mentors and showed students what it took to do the jobs at those businesses.

St. John-Hudson students Christopher Miller and Jessie Duran chose Doug Reh Chevrolet for their job shadowing. Miller said he has always wanted to be a mechanic and Duran said he just liked learning about cars.

Tasha Konrade, Disability Mentoring Day service coordinator, said 101 students from 13 schools across the area took part in the event.

Many of the businesses have taken part in the event every year and it’s their willingness to donate two hours of their work day to teach the students what happens at their businesses that make the event a success, Konrade said.