The Tigers tumbled to the Skyline Thunderbirds 54-6.

The St. John-Hudson Tigers were overwhelmed by the Skyline Thunderbirds on Oct. 19 and handed the Tigers a 54 to 6 loss.

While the Tigers did manage a score, Skyline was simply too much on both offense and defense.

"We were able to score Friday night. Cashe McVey threw a nice pass to Eddie Calleros. Andrew miller had a nice kick-off return," said Coach Mike Simpson. "Skyline was able to simply overwhelm our offense and defensive lines. Their running back, No. 30 (Zack Urban), had a career night and we simply weren't able to tackle him."

Throughout the season, the team was able to meet some of their goals.

"I've been very pleased with our attitudes and effort all year. These young men want to improve and learn something new every week," Simpson said.

The Tigers have one more game this year. The team will spend the week getting ready to play the Kiowa County Mavericks for the last game of the season, Simpson said.