The St. John-Hudson Lady Tigers doubled the score on Ness City for a 42-20 victory.

In league play, the St. John-Hudson Lady Tigers game against the Ness City Eagles was more of a defensive game than an offensive one. Right from the start, the Tigers smothered the Eagles, and that continued to the end of the game. The Lady Tigers defeat the Ness City Lady Eagles 42-20 last Friday at St. John.

While the score was 11-7 in the first, it could have, and should have been a lopsided lead. St. John’s aggressive defense time and time again forced miscue after miscue by the Eagles or flat out stripping the ball out of Ness City’s hands.

St. John freshman Darby Smith scored the first point, going 1-2 from the line. Erin Crissman also went 1-2. Kimbra Dowling then nailed a 3-pointer. Crissman scored twice, first almost making an old fashion three but missed the free throw. She also made a basket. Kaylynn Claussen made a basket at the buzzer.

While the Tiger held the Eagles to 7 points in the first, Ness City scored just four in the second. The Lady Tigers lead 20-11.

Paige Doran made the first basket. Then Meyer’s added two baskets, Bree Meyer made the first and Payton Meyer the second. Claussen added a basket and Payton Meyer went 1-2 from the line.

The Lady Tigers defense continued to play havoc with the Eagles, allowing them just two points in the third, the Tigers lead 29–12.

Smith scored the first basket, followed by Jackie Rios’ basket. Doran made an old fashioned three, and made a basket at the buzzer.

The Tigers outscored the Eagles 13-7 in the fourth and get the win 42–20.

Crissman and Smith each made a basket. Doran went 1-2 from the line, and Claussen made an old fashioned three.

Rios made a layup and went 2-2 from the line. Shayla Garcia went 1-2 from the line.

“We played great defensively, but our record doesn’t show it” said St. John senior Paige Doran. “It also doesn’t show how close we have played against good teams. We struggled to convert, but that can be improved.” She said, “The younger side of our team has to fill big shoes and they are doing a great job doing so. We had a lot of time over the break to work on several things. We still have time to improve, and we will certainly do so.”

“We are playing very well defensively and have played well enough defensively to beat a lot of teams, but we have struggled offensively to score and make easy or open shots and free throws” said St. John’s head coach Danny Smith. “If we can begin scoring more consistently, we could be a good basketball team.”