A week of road trips and one home game ends with one win and two losses for the Lady Tigers of St. John High School.

The St. John-Hudson Lady Tigers basketball team made two long trips and stayed at home on one, winding up getting one win and two losses last week.

Going up against the Victoria Knights last Fri- day, the Tigers were jolt- ed, losing to the Knights 31-48 at Victoria, then defeated the La Crosse Leopards 49-28 at La Crosse last Tuesday. Then at home last Monday, lost a heart-breaker to the 3A Cimarron Bluebirds 32- 33.

At La Crosse, St. John’s Darby Smith was 2-4 from the line, Jackie Rios, 1-2, and Bree Mayer 1-2. The score after one St. John 6, Kinsley 8.

The scoring stayed close in the second. Paige Doran had 9 points, one basket and 4/4 from the line, Bree Mayer had 2 points, a basket, Erin Crissman 1 point, free throw, Smith 1 point, free throw, the score going into the half 16-15.

The St. John Ladies doubled their score in the third. Payton Meyer had 5 points, a 3-pointer and a basket, Doran 4 points, two baskets, Bree Meyer 2 points, basket, Bailee Hudson 2 points, basket, Crissman 2 points, 2-2 from the line, and Smith 1 point, free throw. Going into the fourth, the Tigers lead 32-19.

Smith led in the fourth making 8 points, an old fashion three, and 5-6 from the line, Kimbra Dowling 4 points, two baskets, Payton Meyer 2 points, basket, Doran 2 points, basket, and Crissman 1 point, free throw. The Lady Tigers defeated the Leopards 49-28.

“We started playing rough at the beginning but in the second half we started playing harder and knocking down some more shots” said St. John freshman Payton Meyer, “I hope we can carry that into the end of the season.”

In the second away game, the Tigers had a rough time against the Victoria Knights, making just five points in the half, the Tigers falling behind 5-34.

Things went much better for the Tigers in the third. With the Knights first team on the court, the Tigers scored 13 points while holding the Victoria to four points. Then going into the fourth with the Lady Tigers behind 18- 37.

At one time St. John was behind by 14 points (25-39). Then late in the game, the Knights were making their way to the free line, and upped their score. The Lady Tigers tried but the difference was just too much, St. John loses 31-48.

Against Cimarron, all things were tied 7-7 after one. Then the Tigers took the lead, outscoring the Bluebirds 16-11 going into the half. St. John kept their lead going into the fourth 23-20. And with the clock running out, St. John loses 32-33. “Cimarron. This was a

difficult game to lose” said St. John’s head coach Danny Smith. “We felt like we defended pretty well and held them down defensively, but gave up way too many offensive rebounds and missed too many FT's to win the game. I liked the fight that we showed.”

Coach Smith continued, “La Crosse - It was nice to get an easy win, especially after playing for our second night in a row.”

“Victoria. For whatever reason, we played an awful first half. We are struggling offensively, but I feel like we are getting the shots we want, but just missing them, along with a lot of FT's. The second half we outscored them 26-14, but you just can't come back from a deficit like we gave ourselves.”